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Preventing Sports Injuries In Youth Essay

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Growing up most people are thrust into different sports in order to give them new experiences. However times have changed dramatically. In previous years most recreational sports were a way to gain friends and time to relax from school, now sports are all about winning. Because the sphere has made this shift many medical professionals are seeing more and more injuries emerging.
The cause of this epidemic sinks down to two components ill conditioned athletes and coaches who push them too hard. Now these factors may not seem important yet they are what is leading the adolescent population of the United States into this crazy sports issue. As sports become more intense the nation is seeing young children as young as 8 experiencing injuries that should only happen to a professional athlete. Luckily this can all stop with one simple resolution; listening to the human body.
When the body aches or is bruised most people continue on when they should be resting. What people don’t realize though is that instead of sports being a fun activity that leads to a possible future career they are now starting to lead us to many health issues that could possibly injure us more than we realize.
Part 1:
As athletes have continued to get injured you can hear most coaches saying “Suck it up get back in the game.” as opposed to “Are you okay to go back in the game?” This slight difference can be one of the many deciding factors in sports injuries. Shocking isn’t it that most coaches are more concerned about the game instead of their players? If one question can change an outcome of one situation imagine what an action could do.
Most children begin playing sports at a young age from Soccer to Swimming. Of course the injuries at this age are relatively small due to a young child’s little comprehension of the game however, over the years “Nearly 50% of all injuries sustained by middle school and high school students during sports are overuse injuries.”(Preserving the Future of the Sport as cited by Benchmark Physical Therapy) Overuse injuries-results of repetitive strain on muscles,tendons and bones-can especially dangerous in adolescents due to the constant growth of their bodies. According to a study by AEHC as children grow they are sustaining an astonishing amount injuries. (See Figure 1) From this research it is safe to believe too that something is causing adolescents to suffer more than their younger counterparts. The causes of this can be attributed to many things. The main ones being pressure from coaches, an increase of intensity and the lack of proper physical care.
Pressure from coaches has been one of the major factors in adolescent injuries due to the fear of disappointment. This pressure alone has led to “70 percent of kids who drop out of youth sports by age 13 due to pressure from adults, coaches and parents.”(Safe Kids Campaign as cited by Stop Sports Injuries) The remaining 30% are part of the “30,000 hospitalizations every year.”(Powell JW,...

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