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Preventing Teen Moms From Dropping Out

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Becoming a mom when you are well into your career, are financially stable, and have a support team behind you still comes with many challenges. However, many young girls are forced into a much more difficult motherhood because they acquire this responsibility while still attending high school. Being a mother enrolled in public school can be rather strenuous. Consequently, a myriad of reasons ranging from the absence of child care, to discrimination, causes approximately 60% of student moms to drop out of high school before achieving a high school diploma. (NSCL, Shuger.) This is extremely problematic because teen moms are already at a disadvantage for achieving their own life goals, and dropping out statistically shows that the child will be at an educational disadvantage as well. In fact, children born to a teenage, high school dropout are 50% more likely to repeat a grade than children born to women who don’t drop out of school (Mendel).
First of all, teenage mothers that are enrolled in a public school system face the difficulty of finding affordable childcare during school hours. Childcare can range up to $100 per day for the eight to nine hours the mother spends in school. Furthermore, plenty of parents cease attending high school altogether as an alternative to spending $500 a week in daycare expenses. Establishing a program on campus that offered babysitting services, free of charge, would encourage the completion of high school in numerous ways. Keeping the babies on campus would allow a worrying mother’s mind to be at ease, as she would only be a few minutes away if something were to happen. This reassurance would improve one’s concentration on coursework, which would result in better grades and an increased chance of graduating high school.
According to Shuger, “girls who leave due to pregnancy report that they would have stayed in school if they had received greater support from the adults at school.” Additionally, the majority of girls that...

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