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There have long been debates by parents and teenagers on whether or not there are benefits for establishing a curfew. A curfew is a designated hour that requires people to remain indoors. Curfews are typically set in place by parents for their teenagers to return home at a certain time at night. There are a numerous amount of compelling arguments that support each side of the idea about curfews. Although there are many arguments that can be made, there are a number of positive factors that lead to the belief that curfews should be implemented in a household atmosphere.
An important feature of a teenager’s curfew is family time. Spending time with family is essential for maintaining the ...view middle of the document...

Curfews allow teenagers the freedom to go out and develop social skills with others, but limits their potential exposure to harmful or criminal activities outside of one’s control. Teenagers abiding by a reasonable curfew are still able to develop socially, but are in the safe confines of their home by a decent hour.
A curfew not only keeps teenagers safer, it also shields them from exposure and unsavory temptation. Today, teenagers are more exposed to the temptations of peer pressure. Although one cannot be completely shielded from that temptation, teenagers typically have some form of supervision during the day. If one knows that they are required to be home at a certain time and they will interact with an adult that could change the course of a teens decision-making.
In contrast, there are those that do not believe in setting a curfew for their teenager. One argument against curfews is the fact that the parent is being overbearing and unreasonable. If a teen is going to spend their week at school, participating in...

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