Prevention, Mitigation, And Adaptation To Global Warming In The United States

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Prevention, Mitigation, and Adaptation to Global Warming in the United States.

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What is Global Warming and the causes it. Page 3 - 4
The Possible Consequences To the United States. Page 4 – 5
U.S. Federal. Page 5
California. Page 6
Individuals. Page 6 – 7
Corporations. Page 7 – 8
Conclusion. Page. 8
Bibliography. Page. 9

Prevention, mitigation, and adaptation to global warming in the United States.
Global warming is one issue that the United States has been facing for many years now. Never has this issue been taking seriously, but it is not just an issue only this current generation will face but also the future generations will have to deal with as well. Not just something that can be overlooked for too long. It need attention and needs to be worked on. There are many things connected to global warming, all can have bad effects on the society we currently live in. It is a growing concern over the last few decades, about what it is, how it’s caused and the impacts it has on society. Many wonder what the United States government, big corporation even individuals have done to help the environment or even what should be done.
What is Global Warming and the causes it.
Global warming is the warming of climate from natural and human consumption causes. Human consumptions meaning the burning of fossil fuels that are used for everyday errands like, cars. “These fuels push out carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and which traps in the heat from sun instead of letting it go out. This causes the planet to keep the heat and raise the temperature of the environment around. (, n.d.)” In the article, What is climate change? Engaging the public in a critical discussion by Ian Spooner mentions that, “the human over emission of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc..) is the reason for climate warming to be occurring.(Spooner, page. 41, 2008)” With that being said, Greenhouse gases are said to be the main for the climate to be warming up and temperatures rises and causing all sorts of bizarre weather. The environment is hurting because of the rising temperatures on land and sea level. Sea levels are rising due to the ice melting. Many do not believe the climate is being affected by human emissions at all. Greenhouse gases existed regardless but naturally, the environment balances the greenhouse gases. But with the human emission of the greenhouse gases isn’t balanced on the scale anymore. Which is causing the climate to react in absurd ways that has never been seen in the recent history. Many would say that it is just the environment going nuts for a bit, but if it was the greenhouse gases emission would not be as high it is. Greenhouse gases are the main issue causing the global warming problem cause by environments, but they all are linked to the human production of those gases. So a better answer along with the greenhouse gases...

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