Prevention Of Nitrogen Narcosis Essay

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1. Causes (my part during the presentation):

“Nitrogen narcosis is basically the change of state of the mind of a person because of breathing in nitrogen at a high partial pressure. Even though nitrogen isn’t the only gas that is in a diver’s tank (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) it still is a main component of air, since 79% is nitrogen. Therefore according to Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures, the sum of these non-reacting gases would be the total pressure. The most important factor that results in nitrogen narcosis is related to depth. The deeper a diver descends, the higher the partial pressure of nitrogen and the other gases will be.

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If the depth is greater than 90m loss of consciousness can occur. Even though 42m (the recreation diving depth limit) is only 2nd on the scale we mentioned before its still pretty dangerous to enter that kind of drunk state that uneeb was showing. This is because mentally it becomes difficult for the diver to reason, evaluate and follow instructions they might have already previously known but suddenly can’t recall…… and no, exam rooms do not cause nitrogen narcosis. “

2. Emotional effects of narcosis on divers

Depending on the diver and the dive environment, narcosis could make a diver feel either positive, euphoric emotions or negative, stressful emotions. Both scenarios are dangerous, because whether the diver feel overly relaxed or overly stressed, in both cases this will result in them taking improper and dangerous actions. Mental abilities of the divers greatly decreases and slows down as they become unable to reason or evaluate and making appropriate decision in the situation they’re in.

3. Physical impairment from narcosis

Narcosis affects coordination of a diver since it makes it difficult to control the movements of the body. Another physical effect would be body temperature control. Because of the divers altered mental perceptions it could possible make the diver believe that they are warm and not freezing, causing the diver not to shiver or take other actions to try and prevent the body from possibility of hypothermia.

4. How to recognize narcosis when diving

If you are the person who is experiencing nitrogen narcosis it is very hard to actually realize that you are narced. The only way to recognize it is to immediately react and try to get to safety as soon as even mild unordinary thoughts begin forming in the persons mind. Any strange or funny actions should not be brushed aside because they...

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