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The prevention of periodontitis is straightforward for patients. The first step in prevention is to assure that the patient is brushing twice a day utilising the proper brushing technique. Patients who fear the contraction of periodontitis are not encouraged to brush too much however, as excessive brushing with poor technique can lead to other oral problems such as the reduction of the gums (gingival recession). Brushing at least twice a day help inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria and prevents plaque, and thus tartar from forming. Patients who wish to prevent periodontitis should also floss daily. Flossing daily includes the spaces between each tooth, as well as behind the last two molars on the mandibular and maxillary arches. Flossing should get in below the gum line to prevent bacteria from congregating just below the surface. The last at home, over-the-counter treatment available for the prevention of periodontitis is the use of an antiseptic mouthwash. While proper use of mouthwash in conjunction with the other techniques can help cure gingivitis, once periodontal disease has elapsed stage 1 of periodontal disease, no amount of mouthwash or brushing can restore attachment lost in the periodontium.
Dental professionals can also offer stronger more effective treatments for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis. While both oral and topical medications are available for periodontitis patients, topical is preferred for the reduced effect placed on the rest of the body. Examples of these topical, prescription drugs include Atridox, Elyzol, PerioChip, Arestin, and Actisite19. Atridox is a gel placed in trays, then placed in the patients mouth. Over the course of a few days, the gel solidifies and conforms to the gums, then releases antibiotics. Elyzol is available in either a strip or a gel. It functions similarly to Atridox. However, studies have found atridox may work faster that Elyzol, but Elyzol may achieve a greater reduction in the number of unwanted bacterial. PerioChip is a biodegradable medication that is placed into a periodontal pocket after scaling and root planing has been performed by a dental hygenist. As the chip biodegrades, chlorhexidine is released and kills unwanted bacteria. While trials show that PerioChip is an effective treatment, longitudinal studies have yet to be conducted to find out if this improvement is sustained over time with or without repeated applications of the PerioChip. Actisite is a medication coated strip that has a similar appearance to dental floss. The thread is inserted between the teeth and the gums and the medication is allowed time to soak in and attack the bacteria. This was one of the inital topical treatments of medication used to treat periodontitis and increasingly other medications and methods are being used. Lastly, Arestin (or generically Minocycline microspheres) are small capsules that contain antibiotics. Simiarly to the PerioChip, the are applied after root planing and...

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