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Price Of Family Holiday Over 10 Years

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My survey and results are to show whether the average family holiday has risen over the past 10 years and to try and recover and answer as to why in my hypothesis I have taken an educated guess to answer this and in my analysis of the graph I will be able to answer this question if I have chosen the correct questions to show the answer I want.

I think that my survey and results will show an evident increase in price because of the currency and country inflation and fuel especially oil.

Looking at my graph I can see it shows my hypothesis is correct as it evidently shows an increase in the price (great British pound). The average price of a family holiday 10 years ago was around the £1000 mark where as in the summer of 2013 paying £14,250 is considered an acceptable price to pay for a holiday averaging at 2-3 weeks. Although you can get holidays for £1000 today the quality of what you receive and where you can go with that amount of money has changed. If you had a budget of £1000 10 years ago you could have stayed at a 4 to possible 5 star hotel inc flights where as today £1000 budget is hard to find a holiday for a family of 4 for 14 nights with flights during school holidays for under £1,000 the closest I was able to find was for 2 adults, 2 children, 14 nights, school holidays, 3 star, flights included (ecomany class) in benidorm and the total cost is £3006 with half board therefore there is still more money to be spent. And if the country is in inflation it means the price of everything has increased such as hotels, transport, restaurants and souvenir these are items that most tourists most commonly purchase the inflation is reflected in the price the tourist pays as the shop keeper for instance still has to make a profit otherwise he will go out of business like many business have done due to inflation. Inflation is also a problem if the country a tourist is flying from currency is less than the country they are flying to just like the dollar was considerably less and is still recovering but it was less than the euro and the great British pound this means a tourist flying from the USA to the UK and booked their holiday in the dollar would notice the currency change because they would get less for their money as everything would seem more expensive. And a country with a weak currency and inflation stands no chance against the rising fuel price especially oil as this is used during air travel which is the most common way to travel to reach the destination, however a airline based in a country with a week currency and inflation could purchase the oil at the start of the season along with other airlines but if there was a sudden rise in demand of oil it would become more valuable and more expensive therefore other airlines would rise there price per seat to make a profit and the airline who bought their oil at the start of the season could rise their cost to make even more profit.

Inflation also...

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