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A Prickly Experience
In Horngren, Barbara’s “A Desert in Bloom” she described the Arizona Sonoran desert as “a magical, colorful place.” I cannot agree more to Barbara’s description, living in Arizona for four years was a remarkable lifetime experience for me when I was a child. Arizona is a wonderful place with a large variety of unique species of both animals and plants. In addition, some of the species are only indigenous to the Sonoran desert such as, the saguaro cacti a symbol of the southwest, which also happens to be the Arizona state flower.
Incidentally, my first experience in Arizona was having a run in with a giant prickly man. In addition, this man lived right next to the house ...view middle of the document...

I spent many hours walking along the trails of the canyon which felt like an oasis compared to some of the other regions. The fresh air and dry heat made the trips into the canyon that much more enjoyable. However, there were many dangers that required very good awareness in order to avoid, while walking out in the desert.
For instance, the animals indigenous to the region, which included mountain lions, venomous snakes and two out of the four total in the world venomous lizards. In addition, it is important to pay very careful attention to the insects because, scorpion are not friendly. Incidentally, I have had experiences with every dangerous animal and insect in the Sonoran desert. However, none of the experiences themselves were bad and neither I nor the animals were harmed in any event. In fact, I enjoyed the sights of Gila monsters and tarantulas just as much as the sight of a flock of hummingbirds feeding in the flowery bushes. Still, it is very important to observe nature from a distance even if it is not a harmful animal, and keeping that phrase in mind I stayed out of trouble while traversing trails.
However, the Sonoran...

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