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Pride And Prejudice And Wuthering Heights

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There are many differences between Pride and Prejudice, and Wuthering Heights. One of the main differences is the women in the stories and how they act. The two women that are surrounded by the two stories and all the problems throughout are Elizabeth Bennet, and Catherine Earnshaw. These two women share major roles in all the conflicts in their respective stories. These two women are also vastly different sharing very few similarities.
They have huge differences in resolve. Elizabeth’s resolve led her to many different problems and amplified both her positive and negative qualities. Only one person was able to change her resolve and even then it took very large circumstances where Elizabeth was so completely wrong over her first judgment on Mr. Darcy’s character that she has no choice but to change her opinion and change her solve from one that was against Mr. Darcy to one that tried to fix the issues that had occurred between her family and Mr. Darcy. Catherine on the other hand let her resolve be shaken and confused. She would act one way with Heathcliff, and act as another person with Edgar. She let most adult figures in her life guide her future. Her lack of resolve is best shown when she cannot choose to be with Edgar or Heathcliff as she loves both. It is not until her death that she gains her resolve to be with Heathcliff. Her resolve then transcended into another level as she was able to overcome death to remain with Heathcliff. This is a huge difference as Elizabeth’s resolve is a central part of her character; Catherine does not find hers till she is on death’s very doorstep.
They have extreme differences to the love they feel for others. Elizabeth on a multitude of occasions turn people of a higher class than her down fir the simple reason that she held no love for them. She would not marry a man she did not love. She even turned down Mr. Darcy once, someone so much above her social class the thought was almost inconceivable for the people that lived in that time period. She would not marry until she loved the person she was to be married to with most of her heart. She also did not let others influence her decisions when it came to her love life. When her cousin came and offered her his hand in marriage, her mother ordered her to marry him as soon as she saw him next, however Elizabeth still turned him down and infuriated her mother. For Elizabeth, the thought of being married to a man who she did not love was a pain worse than any poverty she could be forced to endure. Catherine became enraptured with two men, Edgar Linton and Heathcliff. Catherine began to love Heathcliff when they were children, and would always make sure that he was physically treated well. Even though she said things that harmed Heathcliff’s feelings when Catherine’s cruel brother locked Heathcliff up and forced him to be a servant she made it very well known that she displeased his treatment and would even go to see Heathcliff while he was locked away....

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