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Pride And Prejudice//Wuthering Heights Compare/Contrast Essay

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In the two literary works, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, there are two significant female characters. In Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth is the protagonist; she is the second oldest of her five sisters. She is honest, witty, and usually has good judgment of people. Catherine is the main female character of the first half of Wuthering Heights. She is impulsive, ill tempered, and wild due to the conflict she has having between being two people; while she is around Linton she is well behaved, and in front of Heathcliff she rejects normal social conventions. Both females are entangled in complex love relationships.

In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth is the protagonist and the story written revolves around her life as single women who’s mother is pushing her to be married to a wealthy man in the area. She lives in the Victorian era when society ...view middle of the document...

Elizabeth prides herself on her ability to make accurate judgments about people. This trait eventually becomes her fault because she hastily tries to define who Darcy is right away. She ends up being wrong about this, because eventually they end up together. Elizabeth takes a stand against the social norms of that time. She doesn’t marry a man because of his wealth and social status, but actually ends up marrying Mr. Darcy because she genuinely loves him. Elizabeth’s personality surprises the reader because she is complex and admirable. Like Elizabeth, Catherine Earnshaw took stands against social norms. But this character trait didn’t lead her to good. She finally declares her love to Heathcliff after already being married to Edgar Linton and being pregnant with his child. Its too late and she ends up collapsing and dying during childbirth.

Elizabeth is assertive and quick to battle others verbally. When she first meets Darcy, she is bold in her speech towards him because she despises him. She plays games with him because she has this idea that she knows what she wants and Mr. Darcy could not be it. She is unafraid of confrontation and is confident in her ability to outwit him. She is brutally honest and bold in her behavior. Catherine grows up with Heathcliff and together they are terribly behaved and wild. One day when her and Heathcliff are running through a forest a dog attacks Catherine. Edgar Linton helps her and this is how she meets him. After becoming acquainted with Edgar she becomes the proper, civilized Catherine.

In both books, the characters were influenced by their male love interest. In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Mr. Darcy influenced Elizabeth in a positive manner. He helped to humble her as she realized that she had been wrong about her assumptions about him. This made her a better person in the long run. It gave her more of an understanding of Mr. Darcy. In Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Catherine ended up passing away during childbirth after she had spent her entire life choosing between opposite men, even after marrying one of them.

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