Pride Brought To A Thought Of Dust

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In Antigone by Sophocles, Creon is portrayed as a character with excessive pride. From the beginning, Creon demonstrates his authority and continues to make use of it throughout the play. At the end of Antigone, it may seem that Creon changed after realizing the consequences of his actions. However, his dialogue indicates that he still possesses a sense of pride. Creon remains a static character through the play. Creon’s arrogance is displayed in his language and behavior; interaction with others; and his reactions to his environment.
After the two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, kill themselves in battle, Creon becomes the King of Thebes. Creon quickly establishes his authority over the City of Thebes. He states, “Polyneices, I say, is to have no burial: no man is to touch him or say the least prayer for him; he shall lie on the plain, unburied; and the birds and the scavenging dogs can do with him whatever they like” (Sophocles 1808). As for the brother Eteocles, Creon demands that he has a proper burial because he was fighting for his country. In addition, Creon explains to his senators that they are not to support anyone who breaks the law. Without hesitation, Creon expects everyone in Thebes to follow his decree. He does not care that the tradition has always been to give everyone a proper burial. In this case, Creon defies the laws of the Gods further demonstrating his stubborn ways. Within his establishment as King, Creon automatically has various demands and expectations from the senators and the people of Thebes.
In addition, Creon continues to display his pride through his language and behavior. Sentry informs Creon that someone buried Polyneices and that they did not have a clue as to who did it. Creon then gives a lengthy response in which he says, “Find that man, bring him here to me, or your death will be the least of your problems” (Sophocles 1810). Through his language, it can be seen that Creon is authoritative and demanding. The degree to which he is willing to go just to find out who buried Polyneices illustrates Creon’s rashness. As soon as he has an emotional response, he quickly acts upon it instead of thoroughly analyzing a situation. Throughout his conversation with Sentry, Creon also quickly loses his patience. This behavior demonstrates his unwillingness to listen to his people. Creon’s pride did not allow him to see what the people of Thebes really thought. During Creon’s first confrontation with Antigone he says, “Go join them then; if you must have your love, find it in hell!” (Sophocles 1814). In this instance, it can be seen that Creon allows his temper to take over. The intensity of Creon’s language and behavior portray that he shows no sympathy for anyone. He also only takes into consideration what he believes is correct.
Furthermore, Creon’s interactions with others display his prideful character. When speaking to Antigone about her punishment, Creon states “breaking the given laws and boasting of it. Who...

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