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Pride As A Crime In The Crucible

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Many people take much pride in numerous things some being: their job, family, political views, even as much as in their favorite sport. People make mistakes big and small, but it is how one deals with the situation and the mistake, that shows the morality in a person, and shows who he or she may be. “The only crime is pride,” Sophocles, is still held to be true; for instance, pride itself can cloud a persons’ mind and caused him or her to commit the crimes he or she did. Pride is thought to be a good thing but in many cases it is proven otherwise. Even though there is some truth in “the only crime is pride” the crimes/mistakes caused by pride are not forgivable, and “yielding” does not help at all; pride is not just to prove oneself right, but also not to look “weak” in the eyes of others.
Pride does not only cloud ones judgement, but it also can cause worse situations such as death or unnecessary punishment. In the play, The Crucible, a lot is caused because of a characters pride; for instance, when all was coming to place: Abigail running away, no one willing to confess to witchcraft, and three well known people in line to be hung, Danforth would not postpone nor completely stop the hangings of Proctor, Rebecca, Goody Nurse because if he did the other twelve hangings that were for the same reason would not be “just.” Danforth’s “pride” was not only to be “just,” but to not look like a weakling in front of the town’s people. Danforth did not “yield” because he did not want to but because if he did it would not seem like the “right” thing to do. Pride overpowered Danforth’s judgement and made him arrogant all he wanted to do was to seem fair and please the townspeople; which caused the death of innocent people and the freedom of the person who started the whole situation. He realized too late of the importance of certain people to the town because when the other twelve people hung the town would cheer in glory because the “witches” were being killed, and when Proctor, Rebecca, and Goody Nurse were going to be hung the town did not cheer but stayed in silence as the tree were being prepares to be hung. In Danforth’s case pride is not a good thing, but that does not mean it is not a good thing in the situation of others.
Pride can also be a “good” thing even if at first the pride of a person causes mistakes. Another character in The Crucible accused for adultery and blamed for “witchcraft” is...

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