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Primark Structural And Organisation Report

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Contents:Introduction: Page 3Product Information and Marketing: Page 4Financial Position: Page 5Financial Performance: Page 6Company Information: Pages 7Consolidated Income Statement: Page 8Consolidated Balance Sheet: Page 9Company Balance Sheet: Page 10Bibliography: Page 11Managerial Finance Report: Primark Stores LimitedIntroductionPrimark Stores Limited is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods PLC, and Primark has become a well established family name in recent years. It has set a benchmark for many companies to follow in a segment of the market labelled the 'value sector'. The company was founded to produce clothing that is value for money, in other words you are paying for the quality of the product and not for the label that come attached.The company to date has 162 stores located in the UK, Spain and Ireland. They trade under a company named "Penney's" Brand Company which is based in England and have done so since opening its first store and recently announced it has hired its 25,000th person among its stores.Lastly it has increased its selling space by 70% in the past 18 months, which is showing how rapidly these stores are being built and ever-expanding.With regards to products and services it is very clear to see with the figures above that demand has increased rapidly with regards to recent years trading. This is because now Primark are dealing in a fashionable market but with affordable clothing for everyone in the mainstream market.Does Primark keep apace with current changes? - Yes. Currently they have employed a separate fashion designer in each major city (e.g.: London and Glasgow) and thus keeping up with local trends and fashion designs. They are currently planning to open another 20 stores in 2007 alone with regards to expansion and are looking into improving the quality of clothing and service already offered by the company and to become more ethical by paying everyone's wages fairly according to the job that they do with relation to other companies in the same markets.P.E.S.T factors are always very influential in a companies running and trading. Primark believe they are a very ethical company and do not suffer from bad press about slave labour or 'sweat shops' abroad making clothes for very little money, with economic changes recently people are now making more money than ever but prices of basic living are increasing rapidly and Primark do believe they cater for this market of affordable butsmart and fashionable clothing.Product Information and MarketingPrimark is one of today's top clothes retailing stores in the UK in the terms of market share, in actual fact the 5th largest clothes retail store, and is number two in the "value clothing retail market". These are just a few of the examples of how well Primark is keeping ahead of the market and all the changes that take place in the clothes retailing industry today. Primark endeavour to remain ahead of the market in correctly predicting what the next new fashion trend is...

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