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Primary And Secondary Data Collected Relevant To The Marketing Strategy. Marketing Unit 3 E2

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Primary and Secondary data collected relevantTo the marketing strategy.Every business must understand the needs of its customers. Understanding customers helps a business determine how to price, promote and place a product. Finding out about the needs of the customers helps the company to decide how to target the market and decide what the best strategies are and how they should be used for those consumers being targeted.The marketing strategy that a business uses must reflect the objectives of the business as a whole. They must also set strategies on how to promote a product better than competitors.I was the one who typed up the questionnaire for the group to carry out. The data was collected from all the group members who paired up and collected data. Data was collected from pupils in year7-to-pupils in year 13. However; only 20 pupils were questioned from each year group. This included ten males and ten females. The total number of pupils questioned was:Year 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Total 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20x7= 140 I will now analyse the data collected from year 7-13 pupils for each questioned that was asked:If you refer to the 1st pie chart it shows you that an equal number of pupils both female and male were asked to complete our questionnaires.The next question asked was 'Would you be willing to purchase accessories?' the answers the pupils could choose from were optional either yes or no. Out of 140 pupils, 120 answered yes and 20 answered no. This shows me that the majority of pupils would be willing to purchase accessories from our stall. For the results: refer to the second chart.We linked our questions when producing the questionnaire. The third question asked was: 'What would you purchase from our accessory stall?' the pupils had five options to choose from these options included: necklaces, bracelets, scarves, rings or all of the items mentioned. If you refer to chart 3 the results show that the majority of pupils would purchase bracelets. Necklaces proved the second populist and scarves were rated by 26 pupils out of 140.Question number 4 asked the pupils our main question that needed answering and that was: if they would purchase hand made jewellery. From the results if you refer to chart 4 it shows that the majority wouldPurchase hand made jewellery as 90 pupils out of 140 said that they would and 40 pupils said that they wouldn't. However the 90 pupils that would purchase our jewellery only said they would purchase our jewellery if it were of high quality. Below are the percentage number of pupils that would andWouldn't purchase our jewellery.The next three questions linked to each other these questions related to each individual taste in jewellery. These questions are as follow: 'Do you like elegant jewellery?'97 pupils said yes and 50 said no. this tells me that over 50 pupils prefer beaded jewellery....

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