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Primary Health Care And Health Promotion

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Primary Health Care (PHC) and Health Promotion are important for a quality health care system to allow equity, social justice and empowerment. To explore Primary Health Care and Health Promotion and its value within the health care system, one must first distinguish what health is. There are many varying opinions of health depending on personal context, although the most commonly referred to definition is from the World Health Organisation (WHO), which defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (World Health Organisation, 1948).
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Primary Health Care in practice is often referred to primary-level health services; namely, the initial contact with health care professionals for people with health issues (Talbot & Verrinder, 2014). These primary-level services can include community health facilities, both government and non-government organisations and community groups and should all operate under comprehensive primary health care, to ensure problems can be dealt with when they arise (Talbot & Verrinder, 2014). Nevertheless, these services cannot be deemed primary health care services if they don’t operate under the philosophies that underpin primary health care. If Primary Health Care is to be applied in a health care organisation then certain actions must be carried out. Some of these actions include education regarding personal health as well as local epidemic problems, the prevention and management of those issues, promotion of adequate nutrition and food source, the delivery of maternal and child health care including family planning, providing appropriate treatment and essential drugs and access to an ample supply of safe water and appropriate sanitation (Talbot & Verrinder, 2014).

Primary Health Care can be further broken down into selective and comprehensive primary health care models. Selective primary health care focuses more on the biomedical model of health, which targets primarily the infirmity, leaving out the social and environmental aspects that can influence and impact on health (Talbot & Verrinder, 2014). However, the comprehensive primary health care concentrates more on the biopsychosocial model of health where a health professional recognizes not only the illness or symptoms but also the impact that social and environmental factors have on a person’s health (Talbot & Verrinder, 2014).
Health Promotion can be simply explained as “any combination of...

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