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Primate Behavior A Study Of Orangutans And Mandrills

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Primates are one of the most diverse creatures on earth, they include many species and range various areas of the world. In the American continent we can find Platyrrhines which are of one of the two Infraorder,(the other being Catarrhines) they are distinguished as having a wide nose septum and some have a prehensile tail (Larsen 144) which allows them to suspend from it and use their other limbs for other things. In Africa and Asia we find Catarrhines which have a hook nose with their septum facing sloping downward no Catarrhines has a prehensile tail. Among the Catarrhines we also have two super family hominoids which include the great apes such as gorillas and chimpanzees. The next ...view middle of the document...

One reason that orangutans build their nests along tree tops is to avoid predation.
Orangutans generally live a solitary life, their residence pattern is distinguished by an orangutan controlling one area which are known as ranges (Cawthon). The more female orangutans that travel along the areas controlled by a single male orangutan, the higher the possibility that the male is more successful. As a result of high competition the males who most unsuccessful are more solitary (Larsen 159).
The ranges of male orangutans are usually larger than those of females. Female orangutan ranges vary by species as Bornean orangutan ranges average between 1 and 2.5 square miles; Sumatran orangutan ranges average 3 square miles.
Orangutans are well adapted to life in trees as evident of their longer arms, stronger fingers and prehensile feet which evolved to their arboreal habitats. When walking on two feet orangutans will use their long arms for added balance as they have not evolved for bipedal locomotion (Zoo, Mammals| Orangutans).
When translated, Orangutan in Malay means "person of the forest", however it is also used to describe a savage human, the word for orangutans that Malay local people use is "maias" (Cawthon). While orangutans will spend a majority of their life in trees, they build a nests on tree tops every night, but they have been recorded as having reused nests. Orangutans have been also witnessed using branches to shield themselves in periods of rain.
Orangutans will usually spends about three hours eating and collecting food in the morning, they will then rest in the afternoon, and again in the evening prepare for night by building a nest atop trees . Orangutans have a high sexual dimorphism, the males are larger than the females as a result of high competition for females. Males also have flaps of fat on their cheeks with white hair, these flaps are called flanges. Males range from 99 to 200 lbs and females range from 77 to 110 lbs (Zoo, Mammals| Orangutans).
The size of male Orangutans is on average 192 lbs and they are usually 3-4 ft tall, while the female weigh on average 81.6 lbs and their height ranges from 2 to 3ft (Cawthon). Their Gestation...

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