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INTERNSHIP REPORTONELECTRONIC BANKING AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONINTERNSHIP REPORTONPRIME BANK LIMITES: ELECTRONIC BANKING AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONPREPARED FOR,MD. KAIUM HOSSAINASSISTANT PROFESSORSCHOOL OF BUSINESSPREPARED BY,MD.ASIBUR RAHMANID: 111081173SCHOOL OF BUSINESSUNITED INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITYLetter of TransmittalMay 12th, 2013ToMd.Kaium HossainAssistant ProfessorSchool of BusinessUnited International UniversitySub: Submission of Internship Report on "Electronic Banking and Customer Satisfaction".Dear Sir,This is my internship report on "Electronic Banking and Customer Satisfaction at Prime Bank Limited (PBL). I am submitting this report as the part of fulfilling my BBA degree. In case of preparing this report, I tried my best to make the report informative and to follow your instructions as well as the instructions given by my organization supervisor. The full report is based on my practical Experience in Prime Bank Asad Gate Branch. I have found the experience quite interesting and the guidance of my supervisors and with the help of all the members of all the departments. I have tried my level best to prepare an effective report. Consequently, I am transmitting this report to your very concernHopefully, you will discover the report informative approach as a hallmark of my hard work. In case of any further clarification or elaboration regarding this report I would welcome the opportunity to consult with you to explore how my findings could best meet your needs.Sincerely yours,Md. Asibur RahmanID: 111081173School of BusinessUnited International UniversityAcknowledgementThe successful completion of this Internship report has seen many helping hands, without which this would have not been possible. I specially want to acknowledge Mr. Fasiul Islam, Senior Vice President and Head of Branch, and Md. Abdul Bari Mollah, Assistant Vice President and Manager Operation of Prime Bank Ltd., Mohakhali Branch for their tremendous support, guidance and patience. Without their kind supervision, preparing this report would have been very difficult. I am also thankful to him for providing me all the relevant and available information to have a clear concept on the subject. My heart full thanks to Eman Mustafiz, Executive officer and Md. Arifur Rahman, Senior Officer, foreign exchange department; Prime Bank Ltd.They provide me the guidance and counseling during my entire internship program. Their continuous and well-thought feedback enabled me to make this report a comprehensive one.I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my academic supervisor Md. Intisar Alam, Lecturer, BRAC BUSINESS SCHOOL, BRAC University for his constant guidance, supervision and feedbacks which enabled me to prepare a well executed report. The following persons also gave me important information which were necessary for analysis and provided me with feedbacks, which helped me, a lot in preparing the report, their assistance is gratefully acknowledge: Mr. Monir Ferdous Khan,...

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