Primordial Conflict Essay

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Leopold von Wiese and Howard Becker (Dexter, 1990) mention several things that can cause social conflicts occur as follows;
(1) Differences between individuals
Basically everyone has different characteristics. These differences are capable of causing social conflict. Differences of establishments and feelings of each person perceived as the main drivers of social conflict.
(2) Cultural differences
Culture inherent to person is able to bring conflict when collide with others culture. Basically the cultural patterns affect the formation and development of one's personality. Therefore, the personality of one individual with another is different. For example, someone who lives in the mountains ...view middle of the document...

Second, the people in the group must be convinced, that they have a common ancestor. This belief is very important, and even more important than biological ties. Biological ties may exist but not at the core of the belief, that a group has a common ancestor. Third, the people who were in the group must have the same social memory. The similarity is usually characterized by the presence of the myths and legends are the same, which is passed on from one generation to the next orally. Fourth, the group must share the same culture. The similarity of culture can be seen in various combinations between language, religion, norms, customs, clothing, music, work of art, architecture, and even food. Fifth, the people who are in the group should feel bound to a particular territory, especially territory they are occupying. And sixth, the people who were in the group should feel and think that they are part of the same group. Only after it then a group can be referred as ethnic communities. Based on these criteria actually simple conclusion can be drawn, that the ethnic conflict as well, according to Brown, usually departing from the local conflicts that have absolutely no basis of ethnicity, but then widened, even across national borders.

Ethnic conflict has characteristics that occur spontaneously, unplanned, irregular mass populace movement, its between the two sides there are to attack and be attacked or to protect themselves from attack. In general, the background of this conflict is only a matter of kinship (personal problem that extends an issue specific ethnic groups), not a political or economical problem. In ethnic conflict most major role held by indigenous peoples, because main reason of conflict is usually to defend habits or customs of the tribe. Final settlement of the ethnic conflict is also difficult to guess or do not have any target, can be a massive disaster or even a quick peace with the absence of a criminal conviction.

One of war between tribes or ethnic cases quite alarming occurred in Lampung, which is a citizen of conflict between villagers neighborhood Balinuraga (Balinese tribe), Kecamatan Way Panji and villagers of Agom and Negeri Pandaan (Lampungnese tribe), Kecamatan Kalianda occurred on October 27th-29th, 2012 in South Lampung, Lampung Province, Indonesia. Horizontal social conflict of two ethnics in South Lampung not only create a massive disaster on villagers habitat but also result on 1,108 villagers evacuee, 247 among them are children as victims. These also led to 14 villagers killed and 9 villagers injured. A total of 166 units of houses in the village and Sidoreno Balinuraga burnt, 11 motorcycles, 1 car minibus and 2 jeeps burnt, and a school building was also burnt. The conflict triggered from the traffic accident of two young girls from Agom and Negeri Pandaan, which is being helpful by villagers of Balinuraga, however these become bulkier from the issue of sexual harassment through out provocation among...

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