Prince Hamlet's Eulogy Written By His Best Friend Year 11 Speech

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Eulogy of Prince Hamlet

Welcome to all citizens of Denmark who have attended Prince Hamlet’s funeral. But most importantly, welcome, to the dear friends and family of this beloved prince. I am here today, in front of all of you, to express my great sadness and brotherly love for this dear man that was a part of many of our lives.
Hamlet was a great man, a man whom we could all learn so much from. Many of you may know him as the loyal, smart, kind, man that he was. And I have come here today to further enlighten you on Hamlet’s true thoughts and feelings, some that, regretfully, led to his death. I will be speaking of the Hamlet that I, his best friend Horatio, knew.
Hamlet was a passionate man. He always stood up for what he believed in. Once Hamlet had come back to Denmark after hearing of his father’s death, he knew there was something that wasn’t quite right. He was a determined man. Determined to fight for the wellbeing of his loved ones, yet he was also a patient man. Once he had figured out that Claudius’ was the true murderer of his father, he still was able to hold off from avenging his father’s death straight away. Instead, he made certain that it was truly Claudius who was responsible.
Some may say that this was just his characteristic indecisiveness but I believe it was so much more than that. It showed me that Hamlet was a man of decency and moral equities, that although he was planning to punish Claudius in the most extreme of ways, he made sure to have thorough reasoning behind it. Hamlet confided in me about all of this and told me that he had developed a plan himself to put on a play called “The Mousetrap” and that it would be almost an exact retelling of the King’s murder....

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