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Prince Henry Founds School of Navigation.
The power comes with knowledge; the more a man knows the more powerful the man becomes. from all the possibilities that the sea offers to humanity, the maritime routes that man has traced through time are of great transcendence and satisfy the need to incorporate the ocean to their livelihood. Achieving the possibility of cross the sea in all directions and make accessible any point however far it may be at these ages. Between the XV centuries, a grand part of the economy and the commerce of the country's depended on the navigation. Nevertheless, with the time there are characters that change the course of history by their acts. Not just for Portugal, for all the word the character which his acts stay in the history is Prince Henry who found the School of Navigation. to know how, and why did he found the school of navigation. it's important to know who was Prince Henry.
The reason for the maritime transit that has developed lies in the growing needs of humanity. Since commercial, tourist and industrial. Maritime routes, to be considered as such, require permanence, and represent routes. Through which flows a continuous stream of travelers and goods. Meaning a means of service to the economy. People like Prince Henry helped in the marine developed, by the creation of maps, and the discovery of new areas. Prince Henry was also a visionary since he created the school of navigation. Helping a lot of people in the future. Taking advantage of being the third son of King João I of Portugal and Felipa de Lancaster, sister of Henry IV of England. He becomes the person he was because of what he had done. But Prince Henry have a Christian attitude towards the Africans to take into consideration. Including that, the impulse of the trips and of the discoverers was a mixture of faith and greed.
Prince Henry during his life passes through experiences that help him become what he becomes. He was educated in literature, politics, and war. With more than 20 years prince Henry, who at that age was courageous, takes part in the conquest of Ceuta, in which more than fifty thousand Portuguese and about 200 ships participated. From then on, it seems that the idea of ​​undertaking exploration of the African coasts arose in the Infante. Being the third in the line of succession, he had no aspirations to the throne. But because of this, Prince Henry get to do more things, he not just wastes his fortune. He was Grand Master of the Order of Christ, heir to the once powerful Order of the Temple, which after its dissolution had its enormous capital. This large patrimony allowed him to devote himself to promoting explorations.
Because of his leadership and because he was a man of vision. Prince Henry was named Duke of Viseu, he built a castle in the vicinity of the promontory of Sagres, very close to Cape San Vicente. There he facilitated exploratory navigations and...

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