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The Princess Bride

     In the film, “The Princess Bride,” directed by Rob Reiner, it all begins with a Grandfather telling the story to his less than enthusiastic Grandson. The story opens in the country of Florin with Buttercup treating her “Farm Boy” not so well, “his name was Wesley, but she never called him that. “Very soon she realizes he loves her and she loves him in return. He sets off for America “to make his fortune across the sea.” She later finds out that he and his ship have been murdered by the Dread Pirate Roberts “who never leaves captives alive.”
     Scene: Humperdink castle, Prince Humperdink is announcing his bride-to-be and we find out it is the Princess Buttercup. She does not love him, but he “has the right to choose his bride.”
     Next Scene: Buttercup is riding her horse through the forest and comes across three strange looking men: one short, intelligent man (Vizzini), a Spaniard (Inigo), and a giant (Fezzik). They kidnap her and Vizzini reveals that he wants to start a war with the nearby country Guilder by murdering Buttercup and leaving her on the “Guilder frontier," even though Inigo and Fezzik are not too happy with the idea they follow their orders. They sail away on a ship, but soon realize they are being followed by a ship that is gaining on them. He also follows them to the Cliffs of Insanity. When they reach the top, Vizzini has Inigo stay behind to kill the man following them (the Man-in-Black) because he (Inigo) is a master swordsman. When the Man-in-Black reaches the top of the cliffs, Inigo reveals he wants revenge on a man with six fingers who killed his father. Inigo and the Man-in-Black find they have a mutual respect for each other, but they must duel and the Man-in-Black wins, but does not kill Inigo.
Vizzini sees that the Man-in-Black is still following them, so he has Fezzik stay behind to kill him. They wrestle and again the Man-in-Black wins, but he does not kill Fezzik. Then he confronts Vizzini, they have a Battle of Wits, and of course the Man-in-Black wins again. From there, he grabs Buttercup and they run off.
     Meanwhile, Prince Humperdink has been following them with his friend Count Rugen.
     Back to the running of MIB (Man in Black) and Buttercup: Buttercup believes the MIB is the Dread Pirate Roberts who killed her Wesley, and when he admits he is, she pushes him down a large hill. As he falls, he reveals he is Wesley, so she tumbles down the hill after him. They are reunited at the bottom. They soon realize Humperdink is chasing them, so they are forced to go into the Fire Swamp “where no one has ever survived.” They enter and Wesley reveals the reason for his absence and that he is the Dread Pirate Roberts. After some adventures in the Fire Swamp, they escape and find that Humperdink is waiting for them. Buttercup agrees to go with him, if he will...

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