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Princess Danielle Essay

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Once upon a time… I know what you are thinking, oh no not that type of story again. They always go Once a upon a time there was a princess and a prince, then comes along the bad guy they try to keep the princess away from the prince. It works. The bad guy messes up a relationship but then it gets better and they live happily ever after. The End. Those are great stories but are predictable. Not this one, so let’s start again. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful maiden called Danielle. She has the reddest hair you could imagine, (it has the slightest curls); bright blue eyes, light skin, and 5’3. Yes, she was a princess, but not any ordinary one.
Danielle detested being a princess. She never invited any of her friends over because they would see all of her belonging and her parent’s castle. Anytime she had a birthday party it would be somewhere else, but not at her palace. This year she is turning 13th. Maybe this time she might let them in on her secret.
Ya, I’m her best friend Ivy; I am 13 years old. I have brown hair with blonde streaks, and I have vivid green eyes, and l’m 5’2! Know everything about Danielle. I am the one she tells all of her deepest darkest secrets. I know all about her being a princess and stuff but the only reason I know is because she was ill one day. So, in 5th grade I brought her homework and class work. My mom dropped me off one block away from Danielle’s house (unknowingly). I was strolling around looking for the address her mom gave me. I sauntered over to the next neighborhood and there was castle right behind tons of huge buildings with billboards on top of them so no one could see it. I was shocked. I guessed this was for the rich, maybe 10 mansions long, five stories high, the lightest pink, with big windows with white window ledges, and balconies. It was the address her mom had given me. I about fell over. I opened the tall white gate around the castle and skipped right up to the front door. Two boys about the age of 7 and 13 answer the door. The boys had blondish brown hair with dark brown eyes, and were taller than normal boys their age.
“Is Danielle here” I stuttered to them.
“Ya, she lives here; who are you and why are you at our house?” The boys questioned me.
“I’m Ivy and I am here to bring Danielle her stuff for school,” I replied stronger than usual.
“Who’s at the door boys?” asked a kind and motherly voice.
“Ivy. She saying she is friends with Danielle and is here to give her school stuff,” the oldest boy replied.
“Can she come in? Austin go get her," the motherly voice whispered. The boy left went and as the boy moved I glanced inside the castle and saw the beautiful inside.
“Would you like to come in?” the oldest boy asked.
“Sure. My mom said I could stay as long as I wanted.” I exclaimed.
“Come in. Would you like to stay for dinner?” the motherly voice answered.
“Let me call my mom if Danielle is not ill or if it would not be a bother.” As I got out my phone and started...

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