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Princess Diana: An Insightful Look At The Media's Involvement In Her Death How Did The Media Impact Her Death And How Did They Handle The After Affects

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On August 31st, 1997 Princess Diana of Wales was killed in a car crash that was caused by the paparazzi. Paparazzi are professional photographers who only take pictures of famous people and sell them to newspapers, magazines, and other publications. In the wake of Diana's tragic death, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his government might try to enact laws to crack down on invasive media. Since the tragedy, Paris has Princess Diana's fatal accident has raised questions about the media's role and behavior when covering celebrities. The media coverage, both national and international, was intense, and the spotlight of public attention got brighter as her life unfolded. She often was described as the most photographed woman in the world, appearing on the cover of People magazine a record 47 times."(Diana) has been hounded literally do death," reported The London Times. "The fact we're hearing that a man actually took photographs of her dying in the car shows what scum these people are and how far they actually go. But when it comes to photographs of famous people, there is a lot of money at stake. It becomes sheer greed on the photographers' behalf. Cover photos of Diana for tabloids have fetched up to $200,000. Over time, she became the victim of hidden cameras, some of which were installed in the London gym where she exercised. Photographers armed with long-lens cameras stalked Diana during her vacations. But one of the photographers said Sunday that while the media may have contributed to Diana's death, they were not solely responsible. Newspapers are also to blame.The German tabloid Bild instantly posted pictures online and in their print edition of rescue workers and the mangled Mercedes that Princess Diana was in. The tabloid also set up a chat room to debate the use of the photo. A letter to the public is on the site, stating "Bild did not buy any photographs of the bodies of Princess Diana and Dodi and does not intend to buy such photographs." Just because the paper denied buying pictures they are still guilty of supporting the paparazziFrench authorities confiscated some film taken by paparazzi, according to reports. Some photographers were arrested after allegedly tailing and then not aiding the Princess of Wales and her companion, Dodi al Fayed, who also died in the accident. U.S. tabloids such as the National Enquirer have pledged not to buy or publish the rumored photos. Still, media critics and online editors say it's only a matter of time before more gruesome photos are available internationally via cyberspace and the tabloids.It's going to leak all over the place, online and off," said Jon Katz, media critic for Wired magazine. "The Internet has made it impossible to completely contain these images. This is the...

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