Princess Diana: Far From A Perfect Life

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Imagine being a princess, but not the regular type of princess you might think of, not a
princess dressed in pink with servants waiting on you. Imagine being the type of princess who
has a lot of responsibilities and a husband who doesn’t love you. This type of princess had to
keep up an appearance that did not portray her real self. She had a country, Wales, to look
take care of and she also visited the poor. Eventually she became known as the people’s
princess dedicated to helping others. This princess could only be the charismatic Princess
Diana. Diana was very influential during her short life, even though she had a rough childhood,
and a difficult marriage. She loved to help the needy and to do charity work. When she was
killed, the world was devastated, because they had lost one of the most influential women in
the world. A close look at Princess Diana’s life reveals that princesses do not have perfect lives.

At first, Princess Diana had a wonderful childhood, but things changed when her parents
divorced and her new stepmom moved in. Everything was perfectly ready at Park House near
Sandringham, Norfolk. Blue baby clothes had been laid out on blue sheets which matched
the blue walls. The Spencer family had been expecting a boy, but they were wrong. On July 1,
1961, a baby girl was born. The new baby had to wait a week before being named Diana
Frances Spencer. Diana’s mother, Frances, was probably the most influential person in Diana’s
early life. She was always there for Diana and she provided a fun childhood. Her mother
influenced Diana’s wish to marry for love, and for true love only. Diana experienced a carefree
childhood, for she was protected, loved, and honored. The elegant, private estate they live in
had beautiful grounds which provided much enjoyment for Diana and her two older sisters.
Three years later the baby boy they had been expecting was born. Diana loved her new little
brother Charles. While Diana’s father, Jonnie, loved the outdoors, her mother longed for the
elegant city life in London. There were constant arguments between the two. Then Peter
Shand Kydd came into Frances’ life. Diana’s mother tried to save their marriage, to support the
family, but two year later, in 1969, Frances moved to London, because of Peter. Jonnie and
Frances divorced when Diana was 6. All the joy went out of the four children. Diana was
worried, but worst of all she felt abandoned and wounded. During this painful time, the little 6
year old was able to open her heart to others and numb her pain. She became a mother to her
younger brother she loved and cared for him. In 1975, Diana’s grandfather died, so her father
became Earl of Spencer. That meant he...

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