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Snap, click followed by dozens of flashing lights. Diana Spencer got out of her vehicle to go to one of her many charity organizations. Everyday Lady Spencer had to deal with the public. Lady Diana Francis Spencer led a privileged background. She was born on July 1, 1961. She was supposed to be a boy. But boy were her parents in for a surprise. Diana grew up at Park House in Norfolk. In 1967, When Diana was six, her parents separated. Eventually they were divorced and both of them went on to marry again. Diana and the other children found this very difficult. They saw their mother, but continued to live with their father. A series of nannies took care of them when they were not at boarding school.

From the age of six, Diana went to Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk and then to West Heath in Kent. But eight years later she left West Heath School without graduating. During the next three years the, Spencer family’s wealth proved very useful. Diana was given her own apartment in London, where she lived with two close friends. She did not have to earn her living, so she took whatever jobs appealed to her. This shows that she was not afraid to get her hands dirty doing something for someone else. She worked as a nanny and also helped the teachers at the Young England Kindergarten School.

By the age of 19, Diana was a tall, shy, likable young woman. Like most people her age, she enjoyed dancing, partying, and watching television. Her family and friends called jokingly called her “Duchess” or “Duch,” but unlike some privileged young people she did not seem snobbish or proud.

She had plenty of friends who were boys, but until she was almost 20, she had not had a steady boyfriend. That was about to change. In November 1977, Diana went to a weekend party in a country house. One of the people there was Charles Windsor, the Prince of Wales and heir to the throne. Diana had known the Prince as a child, but not very well, he was 12 years older than she, and lately Diana had thought of him only as her sister Sarah’s friend.

That weekend, Charles noticed Diana. Later he remembered her as “a very jolly, amusing, and attractive 16 year old, full of fun.” As time passed, they got to know each other better. In mid-1980 rumors began to spread that Charles and Diana were about to get engaged. So many media reporters pestered Diana to know the truth. On February 24, 1981, the world was let in on the secret. It was announced that Charles, now 31, and Diana, 19, were to marry.

After the announcement, Diana moved out of her apartment. First she moved to Clarence House, the Queen Mother’s London home, then into Buckingham Palace. There she was better protected from the media who hounded her day in and day out.
The wedding was planned for July 29, 1981. Massive preparations had to be made for this huge public event. Diana also had to prepare herself for becoming the Princess of Wales in 71 years. After July 29, she would be the third most important woman in Great...

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2006 words - 9 pages ." Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (2005): 1. Biography Reference Center. Web. 25 Feb. 2014. Reynolds, K.D. “Diana (Nee) Lady Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales 1961-1997.” Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2010): 1. Biography Reference Center. Web. Mar. 1, 2014.

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