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Princess Gwen And The Dragon Essay

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Gwen. She cared about everyone, from her father’s dukes to the peasants in the villages. She even cared for the animals in the field by her castle. Everyday she would walk through the field, singing in the most beautiful voice. The birds would sing along with her and the rabbits would hop along at her feet, listening to her gorgeous voice. Even the nasty mosquitoes wouldn’t bite her, for then she would stop singing.
One day when Gwen was about to take her normal walk in the field, a dragon flew to her window.
“Excuse me princess, but I would like to build my cave in the field right here. For I have spent many nights, cold without a shelter. I promise I won’t take up too much room and I won’t hurt the poor creatures that live there. I’ll even give you this magic wand in return for your gracious acceptance,” he said. Gwen kindly accepted. She did not want a poor animal to have no place to sleep, and he promised not to hurt any of the critters. She had always dreamt of having her own wand, ever since she was a little girl. She went back to her bed and fell asleep.
When she woke up, she looked out her window and saw that the field was completely gone. In it’s place was a giant cave, surrounded by a ring of fire. There were no plants, no animals, and no field. She angrily stormed outside to confront the dragon about his wrong doing.
“Dragon! Why have you done this? You promised to keep the field here and not hurt any of the animals! At least give me my magic wand so I can fix this.” And with that, the dragon snapped the wand and threw it at her feet.
“Oops,” said the dragon. “Next time, I promise you will get something in return.” Gwen returned to the castle with a scowl on her face. She was not happy about what the dragon did. A little later, she decided to forgive him and move on.
One week later, the dragon flew up to her window again.
“If you do not mind princess, I would like to build a nest in the forest over there, by the field. I know I did you wrong once, but I truly promise that I will not hurt anything or destroy the whole forest. Every tree, robin, and deer will be safe and untouched. I will even give you three pegasi if you accept. Please princess? I have no place for my eggs, and what about the poor baby dragons? They will have no place to live.” Without thinking, Gwen accepted. The baby dragons needed a safe place to live and there is no better place to build a nest than in a tree.
“Oh, thank you, princess. I will give you your pegasi tomorrow.” Suddenly, three winged horses appeared next to the dragon. They flew to the forest to begin building the nest. This time the princess watched the dragon build his nest to make sure that he didn’t destroy anything. The pegasi and...

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