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Princess Or Peasant? Essay

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In the story Cinderella, she is bossed around her whole life and one day sneaks out to go to a ball to meet the love of her life. How would she know this is the love of her life? By her dreams telling her so? Cinderella shouldn't have a happily ever after because she is passive, dependent, and has no realistic expectations on men. Someone who is ready for a happily ever after should fulfill stability and reassurance on someone she might spend the rest of her life with. Every women is looked upon as weaker than a man, and by these fairy tales showing the fibs and lies that all women should find their lovers in a similar way is completely unfair to us. Cinderella should not have a happily ever after is because she is a passive person and doesn't stand up for herself. Cinderella is possibly eighteen or older and she still continues to get bossed around by her stepmother and stepsisters when we both know she can easily move out and start a new life. She is shown as passive person every single time her family bosses her around to do something and does what they say. Cinderella is considered the maid of the house but has just as many rights as every person living there, if not more! Cinderella could say "no, I will not cook you breakfast. No, I will not make your bed. No, I will not wash and fold your clothes or clean the floors. I am not a maid I am your equal, stop pushing me around." Instead she listens to her stepmother and stepsisters. Another time Cinderella shows she is passive is when she gets ready for the ball and her stepmother says "no, you can not go. Are you crazy?" She could of stood up for herself and been like "look, I am eighteen I am going to that ball." Instead she is just a coward and lets them beat her up. Someone who is passive should not be in a relationship, this makes a person more vulnerable and easy to push around. This is a con because then one day the significant other might start being abusive and since she is passive she sees nothing wrong with all of this going on.
Another reason Cinderella should not of got her happily ever after ending is because she is not an independent person. Cinderella can not help herself out of the terrible situations that she is put into, instead she needs others to help her get out of these situations. Cinderella is very dependent on the animals that live around the house especially including the mice. This is shown when she wakes up in the morning and they help her get ready for the day. A woman should be able to help herself. She should not need others to wake her up, help make her bed, and put out her clothes for her for the day. Another thing the animals help her with is towards the end of the movie when her evil stepmother locks her in her room. Cinderella should not be such a coward and tell her stepmother no I am old enough to do what I please. She is so...

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