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Disney Princesses: Stereotypes Or Heroes? Essay

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“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” - Disney Princess Castle. In the world of Disney there are specific characters most little girls want to follow in the footsteps of : princesses. Mom’s have been putting together princess parties and getting princess clothes for years just wanting to make their little girls happy. Little girls look up to princesses because they are supposed to be great role models, but are they? Have they been teaching kids the right things about how women should act? In most fairy tales you see the prince always saves the princess. Why hasn't there ever been a story about the princess fighting her own battles in all of Disney Princess movies? Or has there? In comparing and contrasting Disney Princess the way society looks at woman has changed drastically over time.
What does it mean to be a classic princess? The Princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Belle all have a few of the same things in common. People have referred to these princesses as “Sugar Cookie Style” Princesses “They are a lot like sugar cookies: sparkly, white, and too sweet for their own good.(#5) The normal “Sugar cookie eyes” are unrealistically big about the size of golf balls. Whatever room or lighting the princesses may be the size of their pupils never change unlike normal humans. Disneys reason for huge eyes is so the princesses look more child-like in the movies instead of having more natural eyes. The size of the classic princesses head is bigger than the rest of her tiny waisted body. Bodies of the classics are slim with medium perky boobs and a defined waist. No muscles or hips appear on these petite princesses unlike an actual woman. The size of their feet and hands are considered to be the size of toddlers. Classic Princesses are the princesses who are saved by their prince. Relying on their man to save them. Why is it like this?
Classic princesses reflect that society as having to be saved by a male figure instead of the strong person they can be too. In most of the Classic Disney Princess movies, their lives are saved because of a man. They are awoken with a kiss that saves their lives. Back in this time Disney created princesses to look weak and vulnerable. Was this to say that women were considered weak at that time in society? Soon after the "sugar-cookie" princesses, Disney changed the classic movies and put in a variety of cultures. Even going back in time historically disney produced a bigger variety of characters. Heading to an Indian Princess, an African American and a Arabian beauty. (add on)
What does it mean to be a multicultural princess? Later down the road of Disneys princess Jasmine, Tiana and Pocahontas were created being the new cultural princesses. All of these princesses are different races and have entirely different living societies. With Jasmine, she is an Arabian princess that is forced to find a prince to be married into the palace. Jasmine, not wanting to find anyone to take her hand in...

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