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Princesses Or Race Car Drivers? Essay

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Despite the fact that women and men are physically different than each other and can not always perform the same tasks, gender stereotypes given to young children stifle their creativity and limit their full potential. Numerous tests indicate that children don’t stray from the norm due to practices like labeling and gender-segregated classrooms. Gender stereotyping, especially for girls, can prevent children from participating in activities and exploring different careers. Admittedly, not all jobs are ideal for both genders. People all around the world, even children, are realizing that we all must stop gender stereotypes.
Numerous studies have shown that when young children are placed in a ...view middle of the document...

Many parents agree that the
color-coding of toys makes buying gender-neutral toys challenging.
Founded by Sheryl Sandberg, the Ban Bossy campaign is the newest organization to combat this dilemma. Sandberg says that when a boy takes charge he is called a leader. However, when a girl takes charge she is considered bossy. She explains that from a young age the word “bossy” makes girls feel as if they are less than boys and limits their participation in activities due to the fear of being labeled bossy. Sandberg, herself has experienced the effects of the word “bossy.” The Girl Scouts of America and the Lean In Organization along with Beyoncé and other celebrities have partnered with to educate others on the effects of the word.
Gender stereotypes are not just shown through child play. Many books have also become the source of gender stereotyping. Parents, trying to combat the issue, have created many books about role reversal. These stories usually depict things like boys dancing or a girl starting her own construction company. In addition to...

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