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Principal Shaping Forces Of The Modern World

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Humans today strive for personal success and have freedom in most aspects of life. Basic human rights such as these that we take for granted were not always accepted. They were all issues fought and gained to improve human standards of living. Between the years 1350-1789, many life-altering forces occurred that greatly influenced the world we know and live in today. Six major movements come to mind when piecing together what we know as the modern era. Things we as people take for granted, all were battles for change that were fought and eventually conquered slowly over time due to the following forces that shaped our civilization that exists now.First came the Renaissance (started in Italy), which was a period of transition known as "the rebirth" from 1350-1600. This "rebirth" of classic antiquity came from the recovery of learning and standards from ancient Greece and Rome by artists and thinkers. The Renaissance was the foundation for the Modern Era. During this era following the Medieval Period, Church was separated from state. Recognition that the Church had nothing to do with politics was brought to light. In addition, the focus of the individual and striving for excellence was introduced. Living for God was no longer the way of life. The Renaissance was just the beginning, and truly the breaking ground for living today.Humanism, otherwise known as the "intellectual movement" was an educational and cultural program based on Ancient Greek and Roman literature that occurred during the time of the Renaissance. The whole concept that rose from this movement was thinking and living for oneself, as well as reaching for personal satisfaction in life. With the help from philosophers such as Homer, Demothenes, Plato and Petrarch (the "father of humanism") came from the celebration of the individual. Instead of following God for divinity, living for yourself was emphasized. Having "wisdom with eloquence" (or in other words free discussion and critical thinking) became the new standard of living.The Reformation was a reform movement challenging the Roman Catholic Church's authority. The Reformation began in 1517 when Luther and his followers felt that the Church was corrupt. Luther recognized the overpower and corruption the Church had, and his movement is the basis of our religious beliefs today. If Luther did not disagree with the Church Doctrine and lead the Protestant Reformation, our faith today would be very different. Without Luther, we would not have our own personal relationships with God. There would be no individuality""we would all be living our lives by what other...

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