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1. My favorite clothing retailer would have to be Hot Topic. There are a multitude of reasons why, but for me the biggest would have to be their incredibly friendly and helpful sales staff. The vibe from the staff while there, always feels more like hanging out with good friends (some of whom I have become friends with) than actually shopping. They often give you their honest opinion on a product especially when it comes to music. The other big determining factor for me is the type of merchandise Hot Topic stocks. Apart from small specialty shops or online it is exceedingly difficult to find clothing and accessories of the gothic and punk variety (admittedly they’ve been slacking lately) but on a good day you can often find yourself spending far more than expected. The easiest way for a competing firm to lure me away would have to be through a larger selection than Hot Topic offers along with cliental base than doesn’t include wannabe trendy preteens. Those two things have always been my biggest thorn in the side when shopping in Hot Topic. The tiny pool of circulating merchandise is definitely a weak point for me and my friends due to our extremely similar aesthetic which has often causes at least two people wearing the same garment on multiple occasions. The other annoyance is definitely the mass appeal Hot Topic has been experiencing lately amongst anyone wanting to be “edgy”. I know from a business standpoint this is beneficial expanding their customer base but for the throngs of loyal customers this has been incredibly vexing. Overcrowding is a major issue since most Hot Topics are minuscule along with the idiocy of some people who now shop there I know completely avoid the Hot Topic in Poughkeepsie due to the migraines of having to deal with these morons.
2. A) For most customers at Dunkin’ Donuts they are expecting a fair to tolerable amount of customer service. For most of them friendliness is kind of a secondary factor, with just getting their order the first. Especially for the price point most people don’t expect five-star goods or services and typically will just “blank out” till they leave. Dunkin’ Donuts is basically just another step in their morning routine nothing spectacular.
B) At Macy’s it is expected that customer service is fair to good ranging closer to the...

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