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Principle Of Management Essay

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1. Enterprise Systems make it possible to collect data from many key business processes in manufacturing and production, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, and human resources and storing the data in a single central data repository. ERP software, among other things, combined the data of formerly separate applications. This software made the worry of keeping numbers in synchronization across multiple systems disappears. It standardized and reduced the number of software specialties required within larger organizations. Example: figure 2-12, pg. 61 in text.2. Advantages•design engineering (how to best make the product)•order tracking from acceptance through fulfillment•the revenue cycle from invoice through cash receipt•managing interdependencies of complex Bill of Materials•tracking the 3-way match between Purchase orders (what was ordered), Inventory receipts (what arrived), and Costing (what the vendor invoiced)•The Accounting for all of these tasks, tracking the Revenue, Cost and Profit on a granular level.Change how a product is made, in the engineering details, and that is how it will now be made. Effective dates can be used to control when the switch over will occur from an old version to the next one, both the date that some ingredients go into effect, and date that some are discontinued. Part of the change can include labeling to identify version numbers.3. SAPA) Small and midsize businesses with industry-specific IT requirementsB) Price Range $250,000+C) Install=4600MicrosoftA)Target size is Global/worldwideB) Price Ranges from $100,000- $300,000C) Installs 4,400 +4. Supply Management Systems help companies manage relationships with their suppliers better. The systems help provide info about purchasing, distributing, inventory, and production. (SMS) is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations of the supply chain as efficiently as possible.5. Bullwhip Effect- One in which information about the demand for a product gets distorted as it passed from one entity to the next across the supply chain.Causes- A slight demand for an item might cause different members in the supply chain-distributors, manufactures, suppliers, secondary suppliers, and tertiary suppliers- to stockpile inventory so each has enough "just in case". Changes in the supply chain can cause a ripple from: planned orders, creating excess inventory, production, warehousing, and shipping costs. SMS can tame this issue because they basically are masters in the area. Everything that possibly causes a threat, SMS can solve. Using SMS will help the business or organization run more efficient.6. Push-based model masters schedules are based on forecasts or best guesses of demand for products, and products are "pushed" to customers. Pull- Based is also known as demand driven model or build-to-order, and the actual customer orders or purchases trigger events in the supply chain. The different between push - and the...

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