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Principles And Components Of Primary Health Care

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Principles and Components of Primary Health Care
According to World Health Organization (1978), primary health care is defined as a universally accessible health care that is socially acceptable, affordable and requires individuals to be more self-reliant with their health care needs. Primary health care has many goals, but the most important is introducing the importance of self-reliance to individuals. The main objective of primary health care is to provide better health for all. In order to accomplish this goal, the world health organization stated five key goals. “The five key goals are: firstly, to reduce exclusion and social health disparities, that is the universal coverage reforms. Secondly, to organize health services based on individuals need and expectation, that is service delivery reforms. Thirdly, to integrate health into all industry sectors, that is public policy reforms. Moving on, the Fourth key goal is leadership reforms and lastlyto increase stakeholder participation”
In 1978, the World Health Organization adopted the declaration of Alma-Ata. The declaration, named after the host city, Almaty, Kazakhstan (formerly known as Alma-Ata) outlined the organization’s stance towards health care made available for all people in the world (Mcmurray, 2011). The declaration stated that health is a “fundamental human right and that the attainment of the highest possible level of health is a most important social goal whose realization requires the action of many other social and economic sectors in addition to the health sector”. The declaration also defined the essential components of primary health care, which helped outline a means of providing health care globally. Thus, this assignment focusses on the principles and components of primary health care that is discussed later.
According to world health organization, the key strategies that play a role in primary health care includes: reducing death rates in poor populations by increasing access to health care, reducing the risk factors to human health by focussing on preventative medicine, developing sustainable health system, and integrating primary health care policy with other social, economic and environmental policies Moving on, primary health care focusses largely on the prevention of diseases. For example, according to communicable centre for disease control and prevention there is an epidemic of dengue fever in Fiji. More than 14000 people are affected with dengue fever and the number of cases is increasing every day (The Fiji Times, 2014). The primary health care personnel seek to control this dengue fever from spreading further. The strategies that the health ministry is using to control this dengue fever is by organizing clean-up campaigns at a national level, raising health awareness on the disease, and educating the families and communities on the prevention of this disease.
Therefore in achieving the health for all there is six principals of Primary Health Care. According...

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