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Principles And Methods In Identifying Mental Disorders Abnormal Psychology, Argosy University Essay, Assignment

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According to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) approximately one in five adults experience mental illness a year in the U.S. (NAMI, 2017). Abnormal psychology focuses on the nature, causes, and treatment of metal health disorders (Butcher, Hooley, Mineka, 2013). In researching why determining abnormal behavior or a mental disorder is so difficult I noticed that culture and each individual person is unique and therefore make it difficult to pin down what is normal and abnormal. Butcher, Hooley, Mineka, 2013, state, “No single indicator is sufficient in itself to define or determine abnormality”. This means that it is not just a black and white situation and there are many gray areas in regards to people. Culture, Social norms, and stigma can play a role in determining abnormal behavior or a mental disorder.
Culture is a part of everyday life and it is formed by the people around us, our families, beliefs and values. As we define what abnormal means to a society or to people around us people tend to are more likely to consider situations abnormal when people show a high based on their own judgements and observations of the person. If that person were to violate any of the rules of the culture or society they would be considered abnormal. This however would not necessarily mean that the person had a mental disorder. Culture affects what is considered abnormal. For instance, a customary practice might present as an abnormal behavior to people that are not of the same culture and seem perfectly normal to people that are of the same culture (Butcher, Hooley, Mineka, 2013.)
Once a person has violated one of the unspoken cultural rules and gets identified as a person with abnormal behaviors stigma follows. Stigma otherwise referred to as disgrace usually happens when there is a psychiatric diagnosis. With mental disorders people are subjected to be singled out or called names like,...

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