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Principles Of Coal Mine Safety Management

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Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel of the world, and it is also the life blood of national economy. Coal is utilized in almost all parts of the world and contributes to promote the industry production and raise the living standard of people. Owing to the large demand, coal mines are almost everywhere in the world. The complexity of mining process determines the fact that there are many risks in coal mining industry, and almost all countries in which industrial scale of the mineral is produced have disastrous accidents. Landslip, methane gas explosion or the mine flooding often lead to coal mine disaster (Tien 2005, cited in Homer 2009). Mining accidents, as well as occupational diseases, ...view middle of the document...

These three principles are: legislation and supervision, CG & VR technique, and self-escape competence training.

As is well known, legislation means a special code of conduct and has a general binding force for all the social members. Curran (1993) defines that” law is a phenomenon related to both society and history, and certain laws are applied to specific domain and to provide support to the existing social relationships. He emphasizes that the law must solve workers' problem outwardly, and the law should give the profitable businesses support and promote their profit growth. He also points out that even though the types of law vary with varying social circumstance, for example, some are established for person in power while others for the average citizen, the majority of laws have an actual try to solve the collision or crisis between the rights and interests of different classes. What the coal industry faces is the conflict between the growing demand of profit and the health and safety of miners along with exploitation. Legislation can provide not only protection to miners but also punishment to violators, therefore, it is essential to establish and revise legislation to ensure the safety of enterprise and miners.

With the development of computer technology, advanced technology, which can improve the safety of the mining environment, was introduced in coal mine industry. Computer graphic (CG) and virtual reality (VR) show the potential for coal mine safety. As Schofield, Hollands and Denby (2001: 155) explain, CG means a group of computer ‘use numerical models of real-world objects to create artificial created views’, and every object can be simplified to ‘a representation consisting of points, edges, and flat sides’. It means that people can use computer technology to simulate the true environment, and through edge detection, images can come out. Numerical models of illuminant and reflectance characteristics as well as real textures can be applied to ensure the target more likely to their actual ones. Schofield, Hollands and Denby (2001: 155) also point out that VR can be explained as ‘the science of integrating humans with information’, which is formed by’ three dimensional, interactive, and computer-generated environment” and can be simulated in the real or virtual world. These technologies can be used to detect and estimate the characteristics of real objects so that potential safety hazard can be checked out and predicted. In addition, through every-day analysis, most accidents can be prevented and safety can be guaranteed.

When it comes to the self-escape competence, Ennis(2008, cited in Peters and Kosmoski 2013) defines competence as people have the ability to perform critical tasks or act in a certain position and role successfully by making use of their own intellectual, skills, behaviors and personal character. In addition, self-escape competence means that miners have the ability by use knowledge and skills to get out of...

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