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Principles Of Communication Essay

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The six principles of communication according to Pearson Custom Publishing are; “communication is a process of adjustment, package of messages, content and relationship dimensions, punctuated sequences, purposeful, and inevitable, irreversible, and unrepeatable” (Pearson Custom Publishing, 2004). Communication is a two-way process of spanning a connected consideration, which allows associates to not only correspond (encode-decode) knowledge, advice, concepts and awareness but also build and administer the bottom line (Free Dictionary, 2014).
Process of adjustment is the first principle in communication. We all would like to accommodate to our own characteristics and to be accepting of ...view middle of the document...

Purposeful is the fifth principle in communication. Encouragement is the reason why the human race communicates. The purpose in which we communicate is to play, help, influence, relate, and to learn. When a person is communicating they are sending messages and trying to achieve their goal (Pearson Custom Publishing, 2004).
Inevitable, irreversible, and unrepeatable is the sixth and final principle in communication. Communicating is inevitable; humans are always communicating every day even though they probably don’t intend to or want it to happen; it just does. A person shouldn’t have the need to not communicate, and neither can a person not having a response to the communication that is being sent. Irreversible is not able to be taken back. Once a spoken word, fax, written letter, email is written it cannot be taken back. Because things are irreversible people have to be careful on what they are communicating to other’s; if the person doesn’t want it in their communication process then it shouldn’t be put into the realm of things. Unrepeatable, can never be multiplied. This is because the world is always changing; and humans can never re-experience the dead on duplicated state of affairs, status quo, and relationships that have mobilized and determined a corresponding performance (Pearson Custom Publishing, 2004).
As you know, communication involves content and relationship dimensions as discussed on page 19. What are the differences in communication between an employee/ employer relationship versus a friendship relationship? An employee/employer relationship is what the manger wants the employee to do. As the manger asks the employee to clean the...

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