Principles Of Good Customer Service Essay

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Principles of good customer service

It is very important to give excellent customer service when out in
resort working as a rep. customer service can be given by one person
or alternatively it can be given out as a team. This is to ensure that
the customers get the best from there holiday, and so that they build
a rapor with you to gain trust for them to come back time and time
again. Seeing the customer happy also benefits you as a rep and gives
you good job satisfaction. There are many different types of giving
good customer service:

Body language

When dealing with a customer you must always use positive body
language. Giving lots of eye contact is always good because the
customer feels that you are giving them you full attention and that
you are developing an understanding of there needs. Also facial
expressions reveal opinions, emotions and moods better than any of the
other body parts. The way that your face expresses feelings i.e.
smiling or frowning will always allow the customer to discover how you
are feeling towards them.

First Impressions

First impressions count in any business, particularly overseas where
dealing with people is such an important part of the work. You need to
understand that the way you and your organisation present themselves
to customers has a direct influence on their enjoyment, your job
satisfaction and the future success of the organisation that employs
you. In particular when meeting a customer for the first time it is
important to have a good attitude and be considerate as this will help
you to gain there confidence, It is also important that you should
never judge the customer on your first impressions as this could show
an unprofessional manor throughout their holiday. You don't get a
second chance to make a good first impression, Impressions can be easy
to make but harder to change.

Last Impressions

It is not always first impressions that count because last impressions
are also as important. Find ways to leave your customers feeling
valued, cared for and happy to have patronized you. Strive to leave
them with smiles on their faces. If your customer's last impression in
any given matter isn't favorable it may literally be our last
transaction with them. Make sure your relationships are lasting ones,
by making last impressions favorable.

Personal Presentation

The way that you present yourself shows the customer that you are
bothered. It is always important to look smart with ironed clothes,
clean nails, and nice makeup and make sure that you smell nice as
customers will take notice of this and this also counts for your first
impressions on them. Make sure that you speak to your customers in a
professional manor, do not using slang or offensive words as this will
steer your customers away from you and they may not want to speak to
you in the future this also shows the customer that you are not
concerned about them.


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