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Principles Of Healthcare Provisions Essay

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Hence, we would like to discuss the principle of the provision of health care system. The principles are to provide accessible, affordable and equitable service. There are over a hundred hospitals, interspersed in different districts, aiming to make health care services easily accessible to everyone in the society. In most public hospitals, the charge for qualified residents in an emergence service is only one hundred dollar, making health care service generally affordable by most of the citizens in the society. Also, there are regulations launched by the government that, no matter race, gender, age or even they are criminals or smuggled illegal alien, they have the exactly same right to ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the provision of health care service should also maintain the existing parallel public and private systems, but with better collaboration between the two. Since both the public and private health care provision system has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as price and level of congestion, proportionally balancing the development and provision of both of them can facilitate the overall health care service provision of Hong Kong.
Last but not least, changes should be developed in conjunction with the community, and should be gradual and evolutionary. The society would have different needs in different period of time, as health care service providers, one must be able to identify the current needs of the society, in order to fine-tune the service provided. For example, during the time of SARS, obviously, the society greatly requires respiratory disease treatment and prevention, therefore, more service concerning respiratory disease should be provided.
Talking about the health care reform proposed in the late 1980, according to Cheng, Koo & Shae (2012), it’s divided into two approaches, which are management reform and financing reform. Management reform focuses on the control of the cost of medical care and to obtain better value for money. It simply aims at making sure that all the medical cost spent is worth-spending and is spent effectively, otherwise, certain cost would probably be reduced. While financing approach, it emphasizes on expanding the financing sources for the services. It aims at reasonably enhance the income of the health care system, through payment, subsidy or even funding. Since certain fiscal constraints maybe faced in the health care sector (Cheng, Koo & Shae, 2012), the above two approaches of health care reform can help to solve this problem, otherwise, inappropriate or imbalance public and private finance in the health care area concerning distribution of costs both within the population and across different kinds of health care services.
According to Cheng, Koo & Shae (2012), for the health care reform in Hong Kong, government encourage more and more people to quit the public health system, or to pay more if they want to use them, decreasing the demand for public health care service, thus, some of the social medical demand can be switched to private health care system. It’s done by following two approaches, first, it’s to seek people’s support for a new finance model for a ‘public’ health system where the responsibility of the government would be reduced and replaced by that of the ‘public’. Secondly, in the interim period where the...

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