Principles Of Leadership Communication In Pearce's Leading Out Loud

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Leaders are very important members of society. Leadership, regardless of how it is defined, is still the ability to lead, manage, advise, teach, decide and direct. In the book “Leading Out Loud” the author Terry Pearce says leadership communication has to express the competence of the communicator while contributing to a sense of trust. Leaders must make it clear that change is aligned with the organization and their leadership goals. Leaders must prove themselves to be competent and trustworthy. In authentic leadership communication the author states that 4 principles must be employed- discovering what matters, applying courage, discipline, and decide to lead.
The most valuable commodity of any great organization is the quality of good people. Almost everyone has good intentions but leaders acknowledge what needs to be done and has the ability to inspire others to respond. Nonetheless the author conveys the differences between leadership of past generation versus this generation. As society loses confidence in leadership techniques of the past, it begins to look for management with a vision and the ability to communicate change. Interpretation can not be left up to chance or left up to the senior management, but everyone must engage. Most importantly, the leadership should know more than the people they are leading.
In order to gain prospective and breathe life into others integrity must the central matter. Integrity includes but goes beyond honesty. The people want to know the emotions behind the message and it must be authentic. Each leader is responsible for being authentic and finding his voice. The keys to authenticity are being faithful to what maters,...

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