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Principles Of Leadership Portfolio Essay

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Principles of Leadership Portfolio
A good leader will have great character and a big picture vision that will tie a project together. Many managers are faced with taking lead on a project. Proper planning is essential to ensure a project will flow smoothly. A leader must also know how to motivate people to help them work effectively as a team.
Analyzing a project that went badly can help minimize the chances the same mistakes are made in the future. It should be noted that in hindsight it is always easier to identify what could have been done better. It is therefore critical to recognize the important parts a leader plays before things begin to go badly.
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I was to get their sales rep in her office so she could yell at him to light a fire under them. The project lasted two days instead of half a day. It was an unpleasant experience for everyone.
Analysis of Manager’s Behavior
My manager tried do with this project was to delegate tasks. According to Clark (2014a) delegation is important, but it should not be used to blame others when things go wrong. She believed that she could give a quick assignments and everything would fall into place. Everyone was left to do what they knew best and the expectation was a smooth project would follow. There were unreasonably high expectations.
When things weren’t going well, she yelled at people to motivate them so they would perform better. Clark (2014b) tells us sometimes an authoritarian leadership style is appropriate. Yelling is not authoritarian style, but rather is abusive and unprofessional Clark (2014b).
She did not listen to advice and concerns from the people doing the work and this led to issues. Krause (2005) talks about how leaders are now realizing that in order to create a safer environment, it is critical to involve everyone involved. This concept can be applied to not only safety at work but also to all aspects of project planning.

Recommendations to Improve the Situation
The leader should have been more empathetic when things began to go south. Clark (2014a) says that good leaders are honest, competent, forward-looking, inspiring, intelligent, fair-minded, broad-minded, courageous, straightforward, and imaginative. The manager’s improvement on all of these traits would have helped the project in many ways. Being fair-minded would have not only helped the project complete more timely and correctly, but would have been a favorable experience for everyone.
The best thing that could be done to improve the project would have been to do plan better. Bussell (1992) tells us that using Plan-Do-Check-Act allows us to properly...

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