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Print Advertisement: Its Impact On The Popularity Of The Product

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With a new administration on hand, business is booming in the Philippines. However, having many business establishments is having competition in the market. Due to this, majority of these establishments invest for advertising. Print advertising is one of the most used types of advertising in the country. However, there is no study existing that determines how print advertisement affect on the product and its popularity specifically. Therefore, the focus of the paper is its impact on the popularity of the product it advertises. Random respondents were asked through surveys and statistical results were presented. Despite its low familiarity, the perception on the product that is based on the results of the study varies with different respondents. There is a diverse perception people have with product advertised in print. The result concluded that print advertising in the country still contributes to the popularity of the product.
Print Advertising has been one of the oldest means of product endorsements. For more than 400 years, it is able to become one of the most used types of advertisements. Originated from England, the first customer of print advertisement is the migration of the English to the United States. This timeline is dated to be the era when United States is still a colony of the English. Thus, this innovation in advertising was able to reach the U.S. through the newspapers printed with advertisement. (History of Advertising in Print Media, 2012)
The new type of advertising was immediately embraced by the Americans. By the time the 18th century is about to end, the streets of Philadelphia was hit with newspapers with print advertisements. It became a prominent mean of advertising. Its peak and worldwide expansion started on the 19th century and it is the start of its recognition in the advertising community. (History of Advertising in Print Media, 2012)
This paper was based on the study conducted by Stefan Hampel, Daniel Heinrich, and Colin Campbell in 2012. The study focused on researching the effectiveness of print advertisement using premium-print technologies and its impact on the consumer’s perception. The recent study was able to conclude that there is greater exclusivity and prestige being offered by prints that are created with premium-print compare to the conventional ones. It is also concluded that these premium-print ads create a difference on the consumer’s attitude toward an ad as well as its brand. It also invites people to buy the product willingly and it produces good results (Hampel, Heinrich, & Campbell, 2003).
` Every country has its own newspapers and magazines. Thus, it reasonable to conclude that print media is used in the whole world. It is one of the most used and most diverse type of advertising. It is scattered which implies that print advertisements are found at most everywhere. From the daily newspapers, magazines, enormous billboards, and even on the daily transit people take, print ad...

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