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Printed Books Vs. Digital Books Essay

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The importance of technology has always been essential to our existence. Many types of technology continue to grow over passing generations. Since the 1400s books have been vital to the ways in which we document facts, theories and experiments. This has evolved from important documentation being turned into electronic books to everyday brand new books only being available in the electronic form. How long until paper books become obsolete?

Printed books have a 600 year history, they are an embodiment of culture. Many book lovers tend to enjoy how books look on a shelf in their home. Like many forms of physical media like books and vinyl; people tend to buy original first print copies for their collections. First pressings of books tend to be very rare and expensive, books are an important part of history and collecting old pieces of literature is very important to some ...view middle of the document...

Many people gain pleasure from being in a library or book store because they are visually pleasing. Ebooks take this away.

Books have been relevant since the Bible was first printed in 1450 by Johannes Guttenbarg. Books then started to be used as places to store and fix knowledge. When they first started, the process of printing was considered dangerous technology. Theories and experiments could be recorded officially, it created an ownership over texts. This introduced copy right laws.

Copy right laws were enforced in 1556 and developed throughout the 1600-1800s. Through this period the laws changed slightly to allow authors more ownership over their work. For example in the Berne Convention in 1886; allowed authors rights over their work for 50 years after they had died.

The attention span of many people has decreased with time. Depending on the book, there will be a consistent storyline in which the audience have to follow. You have to give your attention to the book and the story it is telling. It takes longer to get through than other forms of media. Many books have been turned into films and depending on the type of person you are you may choose to consume both forms of the story or only one.

Berger (2012) observed that television shows have also worked around the attention span of this new age.“To make space for commercial breaks, and keep viewers’ attention, production companies divide programs into short units- acts, producers still call them. ... Not surprisingly in the era of television, the term attention span began to be heard-and worried about.”

Generally, the audience that love the book version of the story become highly obsessive and protective over how the book has been interpreted and changed into film. Most of the time - in book to film conversion - many of the audiences favorite parts get cut to make way for more visually pleasing pieces of film. As Goggin and Hassler-Forest (2010) said in their works, “The readers visual imagination is called upon to construct the images the author is attempting to conjure up, thereby leaving room for individual variation and interpretation”.

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