Prior Experiential Learning Assessment Credits Essay

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I am respectfully petitioning for three college Prior Experiential Learning Assessment credits for my knowledge and experience in management. In 1987, I began my full time employment at Brown, Noll, Sanders and Little, holding the position of Assistant Bookkeeper. Eight months later, I was offered the challenging and rewarding Accounting Manager position, which I maintained for twenty-five years. The firm is an established, mid-sized law firm offering a full complement of legal services celebrating 60 years.
I establish a flexible caring style so that the staff can be motivated to give their best to support the department. I maintain, and understand the role and responsibilities of this position. I am responsible for all areas relating to accounting functions and financial reporting. I plan daily, weekly and monthly accounting tasks. I rework jobs establishing a channel of authority and communication to set work standards, and clarify what is expected of the employee. I fulfill the expectations that come from wearing multiple hats which is very challenging. I monitor department work more efficiently by using all resources while sustaining an immense level of accuracy. I apply procedures to ensure the correct practice is followed on invoices. While, I may not be expected to be a specialist in everything, the expectation to do well is greatly anticipated.
I supervise one staff that assists with client’s inquiries, and the various accounting task. I involve staff in discussions and meeting to generate ownership. I have available published and career paths made known to staff. For example, I continue action programs in place to bridge succession gaps. I compile profiles of key job profiles and advancement success made known to all. I perform regular reviews and update of the competency profiles to help identify training and development needs for staff and their potential for taking up higher responsibilities. I look for evidence of improvement in work quality and efficiency.
I delegate and develop ideas which alleviate some of the stress and pressure, and it permits me to be successful. I define the task with my decision that it is suitable for this person or team, and it meets the criteria for delegating. I select the individual team and consider what they are going to get out of it. I assess ability and training needs, is the other person or a team of people capable of doing the task. I explain the reasons do they understand what needs to be done. I state required results, explaining why the job or responsibility is being delegated. I consider the resources required for that person. For example, I reflect on people, location, premises, equipment, money, materials. I agree on deadlines when must the job be finished. I recognize a method of checking and controlling must be agreed with the other person. Failing to agree in advance will cause this monitoring to seem like interference or lack of trust. I support and communicate by thinking...

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