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Priorities: Path Makers Of Life Essay

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“I've been lucky. Opportunities don't often come along. So, when they do, you have

to grab them”, said Audrey Hepburn – a British actress and humanitarian. In life, there are

thousands of opportunities that come along the way. However, one cannot seize them all

for some are more important than the others. Setting priorities then unravels the problem of

deciding on what to take first. But then again, opportunities are not always there just as how

time inevitably passes. There can be a moment when someone is ready to grab them but they are

already gone. Moreover, there is a possibility that it may lead to disappointment affecting the

way of life.

Virginity is a significant and revered value among Filipinos, a something to be proud

of especially by women. For them, it is naturally reserved only for the person they love or will

marry. But what if a woman was oblivious when her “Mr. Right” had passed, thus losing the

chance of love and marriage? What if she had been waiting for so long and became desperately

wanted to lose this cherished value anyway? Should it still be something to be proud of or

otherwise? Kerima Polotan Tuvera’s ‘The Virgin’ is definitely a suitable story to scrutinize to

know what a woman feels when the time of finding a man of her dreams is not already for her

anymore. Generally, this analysis paper is centered on the main character namely Miss Mijares

about her personality shaped by her childhood experiences and obligations, her feelings towards

the concept of virginity, and the impact of the carpenter on her life. This essay aims to relate the

story’s major character to its setting, theme, and plot to further reveal the context behind.

The elemental character Miss Mijares was an epitome of the Filipino term “manang”. She

was a thirty-four-year old woman and still a single who worked at a job-placement agency. She

was living a tedious life for she did not have much time for herself during her childhood. She

became serious and devoted to her work. However, the arrival of a new carpenter who applied at

her agency greatly affected the woman’s temperament. She started to have feelings for him,

treating the man different from what she used to show with the other carpenters. This feeling of

care is really a contrast of her husky personality. In the end, she became submissive to the man’s

invitation; it could be infer that she finally surrendered what she wanted to surrender – her


The story revolves around the setting where most of the people are men, typically

because of the kind of industry it has. It helps the major character to address the story’s conflict

about Miss Mijares’ desire of finding a man that she can love. However, there are hindrances that

appear along the way. One is the character she tries to show towards the other people for it only

makes her difficult to mingle with them. She often asks interviewees derogatory questions that

humiliate them....

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