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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Essay

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Prison Term Policy RecommendationTanya LaForceUniversity of PhoenixCJA/323Paul FrankenhauserSeptember 22, 2008Prison Term Policy RecommendationThe information written herein is to inform readers of the pros and cons associated with doubling the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery. Furthermore detailing to the reader regarding the author's professional opinion on doubling the prison sentence for those who commit armed robbery with the threat of force, whether explicitly stated or implied. In further discussion of the topic, alternatives to prison incarceration or additives to legal punishment will be mentioned including education of businesses and the general public as well as rehabilitation and reform techniques.Armed robbery is, simply, a robbery at gunpoint. The U.S. Department of Justice defines robbery more elaborately as, the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force, threat, violence or by putting the victim in fear. Armed robbery is also known as a heist, stickup, holdup or larceny by threat of violence (Farlex, 2007). Although gun control is an issue in this case, the topic of gun control is broad and would not focus enough on this aspect to create a heavy impact on the criminal statistics regarding armed robbery. Furthermore, because of the second amendment and the right to bear arms, there may be excessive issues related with the gun control that would assist in prevention of armed robberies. This paper will also focus on the philosophy that those who commit crimes over time are likely to escalate the offenses in severity of the crime (Conway & McCord, 2006). In response, legislation should include larger and more climatic punishments and treatments for repeat offenders.Committing a crime with a gun instills fear in the victim of armed robbery. The threat of violence against a person is oftentimes enough to make them submissive and give in to the criminals demands. Discharging a gun can ultimately lead to death, legally reported as first degree murder or other possible plea bargain. Although preventing weapon possession among previous offenders would be helpful, this method is difficult to enforce especially with weapons being sold on the black market; the use of a lethal weapon should be reserved for police officers or those using a weapon in self defense measures. A person whom commits crimes with a gun, in general, should be held to a higher standard to deal with harsher prison time than those who commit other crimes because the severity of the intent to instill fear and commit murder.The recommendation to this bill states that education of potential armed robbery business establishments shall be instated. All small, medium, and large businesses should undergo the prevention training. This educational training will include how robbers choose their target, potential surveillance, and weighing the odds. Other...

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