Prison Terms Ineffective As Deterrent To Crime

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In the 18th century Cesare Beccaria- an Italian philosopher, doomed the concept of torture and death penalty by introducing the term "criminology" to the world. At present, nearly all countries in the world have adopted the criminal justice system. Criminal justice consists of two tools: Law and Order. On the road to maintain Law and Order, penalty like Prison Term has been espoused. Prison Term could be defined as the length of incarceration for an offender, where the legnth varies from few days to months in a prison. It also embraces life terms in case of serious crimes like manslaughter, rape, murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping. However in the past two decades, increase in a crime rate and prisoners in incarceration indicate the failure of criminal justice. Hence, this paper wishes to argue and deliberate on the hypothesis that prison terms are ineffective as deterrent to crime. To achieve this goal, one has to understand the reason behind the establishment and role of prison term. The prison is a weapon for the criminal justice, where the criminal spends his/her sentence term. In other words it is an institution, where a felon will serve a fixed amount of time in it. Prison term depends on the crime commited by the felon. Depending on the criminals rehabilation. he/she may be eiligible for a parole or a decrease in a sentence. Usually, a felon wita a good behavior and discipline has more chances to reduce to satisfy the needs. In general, prison Term is better for public safety, but a nightmare for a convict. Prison Term was not established or assembled a bit by bit. Instead, it is a philosophic foundation in which it states that "a person may be punished by the government if, and only if, it has been proved by an honest and intentional process that he or she has violated a specific law." On this layer of foundation, a layer upon layer of institutions, procedures, laws were carefully constructed and improvised. All these layers were inspired by principle and some by resource. However, as the time passed the pillars of the criminal justice were modified in order to deter crime.
Over the past generation, the landscape of sentencing prisoners has changed dramatically. Over this same period, United States of America has made a number of modifications in one of the basis of American criminal justice policy, Prison Term. Prison Terms has taken the place of public flogging, death penalty and torture. Stastics has shows that many states has abolished death penalty. Today in order to deter the crime, Nowadays, only few states in the United States of America such as Texas, practices Death Penalty. Nevertheless, many fierce criminals are sentenced for a long prison term; in order to ensure public safety. In a response to fight against crime, there is an increase in the use of imprisonment. Conversely, many state legislatures have reduced prison term, discharging more prisoners (directly to the society) in order to maintain the prison...

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