Prisoner Visit And Rape Issue In Thai Prison

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3.1 Prisoner visits3.1.1 General visitPrison allows the family and friends of the prisoner to visit according to day and time schedule. The general visit day is from Monday to Friday excluding weekend. And general visit time range is from 8.30 - 12.00 in the morning and from 13.00 - 15.00 in the afternoon. Each prisoner is allowed to have a visit once a day for fifteen to twenty minutes. Prisoners, who are being punished for bad behavior, will not be allowed to have visits until the punishment is complete. Visit RegulationsAll visitors, who want to attend a prisoner's visit, must comply with the followed regulations. No visit will be granted to anyone who fails to meet these regulations:Visitors must polite clothing. Males must wear long trousers and females may wear skirts not shorter than knee length.Visitors must not be drunk and must carry and prohibited material into the prison.Visitors must show some official form of identification.Visitors must be prisoner's relatives; however, visit is permitted if appropriate reason is provided.Visitors must collect a visit card and wait for their visit round.Visitors must not be ex-prisoner, who is released less than six months previously.The prison officials have a legal right to refuse entry to, remove from the premises, and dismiss visitors anytime, if it is necessary to do so. Leaving object and necessity for prisonersVisitors are able to leave any objects or provide any necessity for prisoners to use or consume; however, leaving objects directly for prisoners without permission is against the law. As prison must protect against the smuggling of prohibited articles, the prison has a provision for accepting thing left by visitors. However, prisoners can achieve objects from visitors through the following ways:The first way is purchasing items from prison's shop. The prison has a shop where approved items may be purchased for the prisoners at reasonable prices. These goods will be handed to the prisoner the same day. However, some items such as clothes or articles are not sold by prison's shop.The second way is to make a request for permission to leave objects at the visit area. Once this request has been granted the prisoner must send the request, or be letter inform their relatives. The relatives can then arrange those items detailed in the approved request and bring them to the prison, together with the permission slip. If the relations live outside Bangkok or in the remote area, the prisoner must follow the same procedure but the items may be sent in a parcel.Visitors are also able to deposit money for prisoners. Prisoners may not have cash, but money can be deposited to their prison account. With this account, the prisoner can order certain approved items, from the prison's shop. Relatives may deposit money to this account by either cash or money order sending to the particular prison. Prohibited ArticlesThe following items are prohibited. Any person found in possession of...

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