Prisoners Of War Chapter 2

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I smiled as I opened my eyes, my body still felt a nice relalxing warm fuzzy feeling as I stretched at sat up in my bed. I had smoked some more of the bag last night and fell asleep soon after, and wierdly I still felt high.It wasn't that much of a high and I realized how better it would be if it were, so I went over to my desk and got the bag and pipe that I hid in the drawer. There wasn't much left, enough for one bowl, and as if were already a regular smoker, I packed it and smoking it without coughing much at all.I smiled, the familier feelings of yesterday returning, as I went downstairs to get something to eat for breakfast. I didn't feel like cooking anything so I just got a bowl of Lucky Charms and a glass of milk.Much like the pizza last night the bowl of cerial now tasted better then it had ever tasted before, and I wanted to call up John and tell him how much I was loving it, and thank him again for introducing me to pot, and killing all the propagandish thoughts that I had ever had."Hello?" John's voice came from the other end of the phone."Hey John it's me.""Oh hi Chris, whats up?""Nothing much, I just woke up and smoked the rest of that bag you left me."He laughed. "Good stuff huh, I told you that you had nothing to worry about.""Yea I know, I want to thank you again for it man, I know I musta been a pain in the ass with all my nervousness." I said laughing"No not at all, like I said its understandable for someone who grew up with an anti-drug christian setting.""Yea I guess, I'm thinking maybe I should try and learn more about the truth, and tell my mom about it.""Well you could if you want, but I doubt she'll buy into it, I've met her and she's really very brainwashed."I sighed. "I know I just don't want my brother growing up the same way as me, and if he finds out the truth he might think that what he heard about harder drugs were lies too, I really don't want him messing up his life.""Well, its you're choice man, I'd think you'd have an easier time reaching your brother then your mother, but theres still always the chance that he'll relay the information back to your mom and get you in trouble.""Yea I guess...hey I was wondering if you wanted to smoke some more today."He laughed. "You just smoked and you want more? Damn what did I do to you."I laughed back, I was still pretty high, but it seemed that it was starting to wear off after I had finished eating. "It's not like that, I just have nothing to do today, and want to take full advantage of this three day weekend, trust me I'm not stupid, this is going to be a weekend only activity.""Yea yea, well I'll tell you what, I got to help my friend move today, but I gave you my guys number right?""Yea.""Ok, so if you want you can pick it up and then meet me on 5th, thats where my friend is moving, after I finish helping her we can go back to your house and smoke, around four or so.""Sure.""Aite man I'll talk to you later."I hung up the phone smiling and looked at the clock. It was...

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