Prisoners Of War Chapter 20 (Part 2)

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Stacie came back to me as I stood in the back watching my brother be sworn in. "Are you ok?" She whispered. I just shook my head wiping a tear from my eye.I couldn't hear as good as I could sitting up there and was glad as I saw him slouched there, his eyes barley open. Dan could see this, and sighed approaching cautiously. "Uh, Anthony, you're the younger son of Melissa right?"He nodded. "Ok." He said reading some papers. "You were there the day she was arrested right?" He nodded again. "You saw her talk with Tim?" He nodded again. Dan sighed rubbing his temples. "Did you hear what was said?""Nah, I was in the car.""You didn't hear anything?""I had the radio on." He said calmly closing his eyes and taking a few seconds to open them up again."Anthony you just heard me question your brother, do you feel the same about your mom?""Feel the same how?""Do you believe she's a good person? Could she be doing this? Did you ever see her sneaking around to Tim's house?"Anthony shook his head. "I never saw her sneaking anywhere, but then again I never really saw her at all, she worked most of the time, and after that went out with friends.""Do you think she is capable of doing something like this? Your mother Anthony...""I love my mom, but I don't know who she is." Anthony said finally after a few moments of silence, looking Dan in the eyes."No further questions." Dan said sighing."Prosecution, do you want to question the witness?" The judge asked."Sure." The prosecutor said chuckling. "I just want to clear up a couple of things Anthony if you'll indulge me.""Sure." Anthony said stretching out."The day your mother was arrested, and she talked with Tim, were you curious as to what was said?" Anthony nodded. "Did you ask her?" He nodded again. "What did she say?""None of your ****ing business." Anthony said. A few people whispered and the prosecutor composed himself with the shock of the answer. "That's what she said." Anthony said with a smile seeing how the man responded."Did your mom ever give you drugs?" Anthony shook his head. "Are you high right now?" He shook his head again. The prosecutor sighed. "Are you sure?""Yeah I'm sure.""No further questions." The prosecution said sitting down smiling with his buddies as Anthony was let down and just stormed out of the building past me. Mrs. Conner got up and went out after him and I sighed, noticing a woman being led in. She was cuffed and the officer stopped to talk with a guard."Hey." She whispered to me.I turned to her surprised. "Yes?""You Melissa's kid?" I nodded. "Sorry." She said softly."What? Who are you?"She sighed. "Look I'm sorry, I had to do it or they would have added five years to my term." She said shrugging."Hey shut up!" The guard said pulling her away. I just looked on with a shocked face as the prosecution rose again."You're honor we have a surprise witness.""Objection." Dan rose. "You're honor this is unacceptable I have no counter exposed for this woman.""Well that is what a surprise...

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