Prisoners Of War Chapter 30

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I spent the rest of the night sniffing up the rest of my supply trying to forget who I just saw. It surprised me that this was the first time that I actually felt really afraid in this place, and he hadn't even seen me yet.Luckily his cell wasn't near mine, and I was able to avoid him during the next morning heading into the cafeteria, but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up long. "What's wrong O'Reily, you look like you've seen a ghost." McKensie laughed seeing me rush up to him looking around cautiously."Well I've been thinking, and I think I want to...join." I whispered.He laughed. "It's the new guy huh?""How did you know?"He laughed again tossing a muffin on my tray. "I thought you'd get it by now, in here everyone knows everything. I don't know the exact story between you two, but it's the only reason why you'd change your mind so fast.""Move it!" A guard yelled.I nodded as he dropped the rest of the food on my plate and held out his hand for a pound. I did it and noticed there was a small baggie inside. "What's this for?" I asked.He just smirked at me. "I'll talk to O'Conner."I nodded grateful for the drugs and hid them in my pocket as I went and sat down. I scanned the room and sighed, eating the food as fast as I could. Ralph tried talking with me, but I was too out of it to pay attention."You can't hide forever." He said.I nodded. "I know...but maybe if I join the Irish it won't matter too much, I mean he wouldn't go after a gang member would he?"He shrugged. "I dunno, but just hope he doesn't get the same job as you." He chuckled. "You'd have a hard time hiding there."Lucky for me he didn't, and for most of the day I was left with a sense of calm, I don't know if it was the drugs but I felt safe, at least he couldn't find me in here, at least he couldn't do anything to me in here.*** *** ***Tony nodded to the front door guard as he left the club, a black limousine waiting. His worker from the other day was with him, and they entered after a few quick words with the guard."Frank?""Yes boss?""What's the news on the kids?""You mean Mike and Lance?" Tony nodded. "No news, Lance has stayed away and there hasn't been that many problems...Mike isn't working as much as he used to though."Tony rubbed his chin taking out a cigarette as the car started. "And Melissa's kid, he's working now?"Frank nodded. "Uh huh, it seems cutting off his heroin was a good move, though I suspect he's just moved onto coke, or speed.""Well whatever it is it's made him start working, lets be thankful for that.""It could become a problem; if he takes too much we could actually start losing money to these people.""Well it hasn't yet, we are still making a very nice profit from them, and I'll make as much as I can from these people until we take care of them. And as for Mike, pull off the people watching him; we've wasted enough time on him.""What about his little habit?"Tony picked up a binder and began shuffling through the pages. "He's a free agent now, as long as...

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